Moby Dick

Moby Dick
Herman Melville
1 Star
Epub, DNF

I got half way through this and then just couldn’t stomach any more. Couldn’t finish it. I tried, for close to 6 months.

The story was interesting but it kept getting ignored. The problem was that there were more chapters akin to National Geographic articles on whales than chapters dealing with the plot. I don’t care about whales or what they look like, or how to skin them, or kill them or “whatever” them.

Maybe someday I’ll read a condensed version that has all the useless crap [and yes, chapters going into details about whales and how they are made up, or the process of catching a whale, or skinning a whale, or “whatever” a whale, are USELESS in regards to the plot] gone and I’ll be able to actually read a story, but not with this version.

Give me the plot. And I never got it. So I left this party.