Murder on the Links

Murder on the LinksMurder on the Links

Hercule Poirot #2

Agatha Christie

4 of 5 Stars


I went into this prepared for Poirot to hold the cards not only close to the chest, but behind his back. And so I was able to enjoy this.

While I was deliberately mis-led by Christie, it IS a mystery and misdirection is to be expected. Doesn’t make me happy though to have a certain set of facts portrayed in such a way as to force the reader to come to certain conclusions.

However, I am thoroughly enjoying these little dashes of mystery between my usual sff/classic readings…

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

The Mysterious Affair at StylesThe Mysterious Affair at Styles

Hercule Poirot #1

Agatha Christie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


While I enjoyed the overall plot and threading of the plot, I simply could not get over Hercule Poirot hiding information.

While it is explained in the end, the idea of hiding information about murder is just anathema to me. What if Poirot had been killed, or hurt or damaged in some way? Then all of his hiding of info would have been worse than useless!

So I am going to continue to read mysteries, as they are a different genre. But if this evasive selfishness is a standard part of the characters, then I don’t know how long I’ll keep with Christie.