Green Rider #4
Kristen Britain
Epub-773 pages
2 Stars

I started this book fulling expecting it give it one star. I was uber-pissed about the length of time between book 3 and this. I didn’t care about Britain’s “reasons” given on her blog or anything else she had to say.

As the story went on, I got over that. This was a half decent story with some real interesting possibilities and I was thinking, OK, this deserves 3 stars ’cause I’m liking this.

Then things got all romance’y. And by romance’y, I mean angsty, poke my eyes out with the characters whining about their love or lack thereof. And the consumation scene? Next thing you know, the next book will be a soft porn romance, sigh. A lot of things felt like they were thrown in because the author would have liked something like that, not because it was integral to the story.

Finally, the ending cliffhanger. Britain really needs to wrap this series up. Instead, she keeps making this bigger and bigger. If I have to wait another 4+ years before the NEXT book, and it isn’t the final book, then I will not be reading it. Period.

Miss Britain, get over yourself and wrap this thing up. You want to write more, fine. Do it with another series. I’m just about ready to get rid of my 3 previous hardcovers in the series and be done with you. I can’t recommend your Greenrider series anymore because I don’t know when it will end and I will not put others through this same path of daggers that I have gone through.