Skies of Dawn

Skies of Dawn
The Twelve Kingdoms #4
Fuyumi Ono
Light Novel
4 Stars
dtb, 642 pages

the story of 3 girls. Yoko, the new king of Kei, must face rebellious underlings who isolate her and keep her out of the loop. Shoukei, a former princess of another kingdom, must learn about real life and the responsibilities she forsook as a princess. Suzu, a human from our world, like Yoko, learns that she alone decides if she is miserable or happy. All three stories intertwine and weave together seamlessly and the end works out very well. I continue to enjoy these light novels and the wonder and joy began by the anime is alive and well in these novels..

The world Ono describes and writes about continues to grow in our minds. A well written story, even as it covers up its “morality play” underpinnings.

A worthy continuation of the series.