The Far West

The Far WestThe Far West

Frontier Magic #3

Patricia Wrede

4 of 5 Stars


The conclusion to the trilogy.

The “Far West” part didn’t come into play until about 40% into the book. Lots of other stuff going on. Cathayan magicians/magic are part of this story too.

so basically the expedition goes farther west than anyone else in recorded history, solves a big problem and comes home.

Eff gets married and they decide that they will move to a frontier settlement so they can continue their studies of all the new stuff.

Thirteenth Child


Thirteenth Child

Frontier Magic #1

Patricia Wrede

4 stars

344 pages



Wrede turns her hand to the Americas, and specifically the Frontiers. Taking place in the mid 1800’s, this is about a girl, whose brother is the 7th son of a seventh son, and she is the 13th child.

Grows up thinking she is somehow bad because of being unlucky number 13, until the family moves west to help expand a college town. This is the pioneer story, like Caddy Woodlawn or Laura Ingals Wilder, with magic. This story ends with Eff, the girl, saving some pioneers by using a non-conventional way with some magic in dealing with some magical bugs. Sounds kind of funny, but this was a good book and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series as it comes out.