The Eternal Champion

The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion #2
by Michael Moorcock
DTB, 484 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Comprising 3 novels and 1 short story, this begins the lore of the multi-verse and the Eternal Champion.

2 stories deal with Erekose, 1 with a Von Bek and the short story deals with Tanelorn.

The Erekose stories were enjoyable as a foundation to the other Eternal Champion incarnations, and made the glimpses we see of Erekose in Elric and Corum that much deeper.

The Von Bek storyline dealt with the multiverse and the tone was scifi/psychological and didn’t really fit, in my opinion. Also didn’t seem to fit in with Moorcock’s Law, Chaos and the Great Balance schtick.

Definitely would recommend as a start before Elric or Corum. Even though it definitely would give spoilers for those 2 characters.


Chronicles of Castle Brass #3
Michael Moorcock
3 Stars
80 Pages, Epub

the end of the Eternal Champion series. Hawkmoon, along with Corum, Elric and Erekose [the eternal champion who remembers all his incarnations, unlike the others] must battle 2 sorcerers from outside the multiverse who want to take all its energy [hence destroying it] and use it to become greater in their own dimension. Much like the time in Elric, all 4 become 1 and defeat them. In the process, Law and Chaos and the Balance are destroyed and humanity is left to fend for itself. Hawkmoon finds his children at Tanelorn. He goes back to Castlebrass with them and his wife to live out his life instead of staying in Tanelorn.

I have read the stories of Hawkmoon, Elric and Corum and after reading this, am tempted to go find out Erekose’s story. A good ending to this universe of Moorcock’s.