Ender’s Game (Enderverse #1)


Ender’s Game
Enderverse #1
Orson Scott Card
Ebook, 289 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I read this originally back in the 90’s and remember being blown away, especially by the “twist” at the end.

Reading it again, it almost hurt.

How Ender is treated, used, etc, is just brutal. It is rationalized by the characters, but you can tell that the author isn’t saying it is ok. The fights, the killings, the loneliness, the complete lack of sympathy, his awful brother, it just made me want to take him into my arms and cry for him.

Excellently written. Humanity on the cusp of extinction, yet preparing to self-destroy themselves the moment that cusp is behind them.

The reason I didn’t give this 5stars is because of the ending. The rise of the Speakers of the Dead, the narrative was different enough, the subject matter so different, that I felt rather jarred reading it. Even though it made sense. It just didn’t seem to fit with what came before.

Shadow of the Hegemon

Shadow of the Hegemon
Ender’s Shadow #2
Orson Card
3 stars
442 pages

a sequel to Ender’s Shadow.

All the Battleschool children, except Ender, are back on earth. Achilles kidnaps a bunch of them to take over the world, tries to kill Bean. Bean hooks up with Peter Wiggins, who reveals himself and the world changes.

I doubt I will read any of the novels after this one. Ender’s War and Ender’s Shadow were engrossing, not this one. Just politics “in the future”, oooooohhhhhh.