The Great Controversy (Non-Fiction) (Audio) ★★★☆☆

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Title: The Great Controversy
Series: ——-
Author: Ellen White
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: Lots of Minutes
Format: Audio Edition




A history of the True Church, the Remnant, according to Ellen White. Also goes into the details of the Tribulation and makes plain the prophecies written in Daniel and Revelation about the end of the world and Jesus Christ’s Second Coming.


My Thoughts:

I suspect ones’ appreciation for this book will vary according to how much weight you put on Ellen White being a prophetess. If you believe that she was, you’ll take this book in the spirit in which it was written. Much like the Book of Acts, statements of fact. If you don’t believe she was a prophetess, you’ll have to dismiss much of this book. And if, like me, you’re ambivalent or on the line, there will be lots you agree with and lots you’ll dismiss.

I go to an Adventist church and I keep Saturday, the 7th Day, as the Sabbath. I also have no problems with modern day prophets. Revelations makes it clear that there will be 2 final prophets in the end days and layered prophecy about John the Baptist makes it clear that there will be a second “Elijah” to foretell about Christ’s second coming.

With all of that being said, I am not convinced that Ellen White was a prophetess with God’s authority inspiring her writings. She was a Godly woman who was smart and I don’t automatically dismiss her teachings, but much of what she writes can only be accepted if you believe that she had the authority to say it in the first place. Her re-interpretations of the Millerite calculations about the dates in Revelations leave a LOT to be desired [ie, they’re vague as all get out. Which is contrary to her claims of having worked it all out. If you can’t say when Christ is coming back, don’t say you can]

The good side of things is the emphasis on the Sabbath as the Commandment that most of the church has thrown aside. I’m a big Saturday Sabbath keeper, always have been and its just refreshing to hear someone say so without a lot of the flummery that modern protestants use to justify Sunday as the Sabbath [as opposed to the Lord’s Day].

I listened to the audio version put out by the Ellen White Estate, which was free at and narrated by Dennis Berlin. I put it on my phone and listened to and from work. So I’d get little chunks here and there. I started this last September. In another month or two I’ll probably download another of White’s books and start listening to it as well.