Turn Coat

coverTurn Coat

Dresden Files #11

Jim Butcher



I’m done with Dresden…

Small Favor


Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Dresden Files #10
Ebook, 432 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


While Harry got his ass handed to him SEVERAL times, and just generally got the snot kicked out of him, the tone wasn’t as fatalistic as some of the previous books.

I enjoyed this, but not enough to reread or buy. So about on par with the others.


Dresden Files #8
Jim Butcher
2 Stars
Urban fantasy

Harry saves one of Michael’s kids and takes her on as an apprentice.

I felt like Harry is a complete idiot, and an arrogant one to boot. He always takes everything on his shoulders, without trying to spread the responsibility and then he whines and complains about how hard things are. He ALWAYS acts like he is the only one who can do anything. Well, he isn’t. And one man can’t do EVERYTHING! Get over yourself and your poor little pity party of the past.

Dead Beat

Dresden Files #7
Jim Butcher
Epub-386 pages
3 Stars
Urban fantasy

Harry has to fight some necromancers. The White Court of Wizards is pretty much wiped out and Harry is made a Warder. Typical Dresden.

If you’ve liked the Dresden Files so far, nothing in this will turn you off. If you haven’t like them, but for some unknown reason have kept on reading [maybe some “friend” told you it gets better?], nothing in this will make you like it.

I am really glad I read the Codex Alera series by Butcher first, because if the Dresden Files were the only thing I had to judge him by, I’d probably never read anything by him again.

Death Masks

deathmasks(Custom)Death Masks

Dresden Files #5

Jim Butcher

3 Stars

Urban Fantasy, Epub, 235 Pages




Harry has to have a duel with someone from the vampire Red Court, stop a fallen angel from unleashing a magical plague apocalypse and deal with Susan going away for good and taking the fight against the vampires who created her.