The Legions of Fire

The Legions of Fire
Book of the Elements #1
by David Drake
Ebook, 368 Pages
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


While this was supposed to be a romping fantasy, several items really detracted from my enjoyment of it.

1: This was a Lord of the Isles remix[which I loved by the way], with several character types and personalities mixed around a bit and a very blase badguy. I was hoping for something original, but it felt like David Eddings The Tamuli, formulaic regurgitated rehash.

2: several sexual situations that added nothing but titillation to the story. They weren’t necessary and it really felt like the story became gutter worthy because of them.

3: Snappy thoughts/comebacks. Too much, too many all the time. Nobody is always clever. Nobody.

So I can’t really recommend this series unless you are in love with Drake and his style of writing fantasy. If you are in love with him, you’ll probably eat this up and ask for more…

The Gods Return

The Gods Return
Lord of the Isles: Crown of the Isles #3
David Drake
4 stars
398 pages

A VERY satisfying ending to the Lord of the Isles:Crown of the Isles series.

Garric and Co face the invasion of ‘new’ gods since the Change did away with all of their old familiar gods. So of course, they break up into groups and go fight. And by the end, Ilna, Cashel and Sharina end up Ascending and become the new Sister, Shepherd and Lady.

Pretty cool. I had a good time reading this. The writing, while familiar, didn’t grate on me like Mirror of Worlds did. It seemed a bit fresher, more polished. Really enjoyable and a good, happy ending.

Mirror of Worlds

mirrorofworlds (Custom)Mirror of Worlds

Crown of the Isles #2

Lord of the Isles #8

David Drake


3 Stars

333 Pages


More of the same. I figure if I wait 3 years to read the final book [whenever it comes out], I should be able to make it through. Ilna’s “hating of the world” just really wears thin really quick. AND, how did the world survive? It seems like there are super gods, or superbadpowerful men, or creatures, just lined up to the horizon to personally make the world hard for Garric and Co.

Fortress of Glass

Fortress of Glass
Lord of the Isles: Crown of the Isles #1
David Drake
3 stars

a new trilogy wrapping up the Lord of the Isles Saga.

2 Magicians of cosmic power duke it out. Chalcus and Merota die, and in the end all the multiverses kind of come together into one new land.

Very 2 dimensional, you don’t feel a thing when people die, but it is a good fantasy yarn. Cheap fantasy is probably the term for this whole series.