A Betrayal in Winter

A Betrayal in Winter
Long Price Quartet #2
Daniel Abraham
2 Stars
291 pages

Turns out the common laborer from the previous book is an heir to another kingdom, except heirs figure out who is going to rule by killing off all the competition. Brother against brother. However, this time a sister enters secretly so she can have her lover/husband be the new king. So the sister conspires with outside forces to kill off all the brothers and blame it all on the main character. In the end the sister is revealed and the hidden heir takes over.

So much betrayal, backstabbing, fear, loneliness. It was not enjoyable and I don’t know if I’ll be reading the next book in the series.

A Shadow in Summer

A Shadow in Summer
The Long Price Quartet #1
Daniel Abraham
2 Stars
304 pages

A loose confederacy of kingdoms keep the rest of the world at bay with the power of Andats. Andats are beings forced into physical form by poets and they have the power of their name. Seedless is the andat in this story. He removes all the seeds from wool, in the blink of an eye. Gives the kingdom a huge economic advantage. He can also remove the living seed from anything. So if another kingdom attacks, he would be used to kill all the unborn babies and destroy all the crops of that particular kingdom. However, andats don’t want to exist in our world, so they are constantly fighting their owners/poets to escape.

Seedless sets up a scenario where he is working with the enemies of his poet. He intrigues so that the poet repeats a horrible deed from his past, unknowingly, until after the fact, in the hopes of breaking the poet so he kills himself and frees Seedless. Seedless succeeds in gaining his freedom and the kingdom falls.

The story is from the perspective of a young man who walked away from the poet’s school and who has become a common laborer. A very complex world, but so sad.

Nobody is happy. There is no joy, no happiness. Everyone is concerned with money, power, etc, etc. No one is content, but yearning after something, usually something out of their reach.