Emerald Sea

Emerald Sea
Council Wars #2
John Ringo
1 star
490 pages

Herzer and Co go south to some islands to make an alliance with mer-people to take preventative action against Paul’s plans to invade across the ocean. 

Ok, no more of this series for me. It was a naval story with dragons. And lots of sex, that didn’t have anything to do with the story other than to try to spice it up. Bleh. And mer-maid almost rape. By Orcas. Can you say Bestiality?

There Will Be Dragons

There Will Be Dragons
Council Wars #1
John Ringo
3 stars
719 pages

in the 41st century mankind lives in a utopia. People do whatever they feel like while a computer program called ‘mother’ makes sure that nobody kills somebody else and that everyone gets all the energy they need. 

‘Mother’ is overseen by a council of humans. It has split into 2 factions. One wants to just keep things the way they are, the other wants to return to the “good old days of hard work and character building” with them in charge, of course. A coup happens. In the ensuing fight, earth is deprived of all her energy, and hence her gadgets. So everyone has to go back to pre-coal industrial happenings. One guy rallies a town and prepares for the attack by the other people. The good guys win but the council wars look like it could be generational, so everybody settles down to live a long, pre-industrial life. 

It was quite interesting. Ringo confuses me though. One minute he is talking about patriotism, importance of a strong military and the dangers of a bloated federal govt, etc, etc and then 2 people are shacking it up like it is totally normal.