In Siege of Daylight (Light, Dark & Shadow #1)

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Title: In Siege of Daylight

Series: Light, Dark & Shadow

Author: Gregory Close

Rating: 3 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 620

Format: Kindle





A young man, son of a Hero, goes to Court with his mentor, only to become embroiled in something that is larger than the one kingdom. Prophecy is involved as are all the different “Kinds” [ie, species] of beings inhabiting the world.


My Thoughts:

This came across my radar thanks to Gene sometime last year.

Overall, I would say this book was much too long and complicated. I wasn’t reading as an editor, so I can’t point out specifics, but at least one point of view [and there were more than a handful] should have been cut and a lot of small details should have been edited down. For the story that was told, the 600+ pages should have been cut down to under 400 OR expanded into 2 books. My other issue was the naming convention. I’m used to complicated names, after my years into anime, but even this was beyond that. It felt like it was made complicated to give it a feeling of reality but only accomplished actually being complicated.

I enjoyed this but little things just kept distracting me from the overall story.  I felt like “I” could have done some editing to tighten this up. Which isn’t a good sign overall.

I did track down the author’s blog and it turns out he has the titles up for the next 3 books. However, I saw no posts or details about the actual books themselves and when I left a question, over a week ago, it hadn’t been answered at this date.

I guess I get spoiled by authors like Brandon Sanderson and other indies like Michael Sullivan.