Clockwork Century #1
Cherie Priest
Steam Punk
2 Stars
DTB, 416 Pages

an inventor’s machine runs amok, releasing a gas from the ground which turns people into zombies and in the process dies. So Seattle is walled in. Now, the man’s son goes back into the city to clear his father’s name. His mother, who knows what her husband was really after, chases after him to rescue him.

Very much more of the mother’s story is told than the young man’s. Kill zombies, meet people, go through horrible experiences, bond and come out the other side all energized to live life to the fullest.

This wasn’t a horrible story, just dumb. As for the over-arching elements in it, ie, Steampunk overall, please visit the following blogpost to see what I really think of Steampunk.

I now know I don’t like steampunk. But I didn’t when I read this. So I AM slightly biased against this. But it is still dumb.