Ember and Ash (Castings #4)

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Title: Ember and Ash
Series: Castings
Author: Pamela Freeman
Rating: 2 of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 521
Format: Kindle



The conflict between the peoples didn’t end when the original Castings Trilogy ended.

Now the gods want in on the conflict. And they’ll freeze out the whole domain, kill anyone they want to and generally act like spoiled children until they get what they want.

And only Ember and her cousin by adoption, Ash, can stop it. But instalove strikes and makes it really, really hard. Boo hoo.


My Thoughts:

I read the original Castings Trilogy back in ’09 and ’10. I really should have left it at that. The Castings ended a 1000 year old feud, had 6 to 10 different character viewpoints and was completely character driven. I was ok with that because of the 6-10 characters helped break things up.

This though, had 2 or 3 characters and they all were everything that I can’t stand about ya  books. Ash and Ember would have fit perfectly into ANY CW network show without missing a beat. “her eyes”, “his warm touch”, “the smell of her hair”, “his strong masculinity”. Just gag me right now.

Castings did not strike me as young adult or stay focused on a doomed love. This book did nothing but dwell on that. Just about everyone, at some point in their life, will have a doomed love. But most of us grow up, get over it and move on. And find something even better. For example, what I share with my wife is so outside of what I could have imagined as a 22 year old that I probably would have rejected it when I was 22. But now? My wife fits me, complements me and generally makes my life better in ways that I wasn’t even aware that I needed when we first got married. And I never would have had that if I was focused on the girl I couldn’t have back in my 20’s.

While I recommend the Castings trilogy, with the caveat about the character driven’ness of it, this I can’t recommend. A younger group might enjoy this, but then I don’t know if they’d enjoy the Castings and that was the far superior set of books.

So it all boils down to “bleh”. I won’t be trying anymore by Freeman.

Full Circle

Full Circle
Castings #3
Pamela Freeman
3 Stars
Epub, 404 pages

the conclusion to the trilogy. Acton’s ghost, the man credited with the invasion, is brought forth, the truth revealed about the past, the ghosts settled and everybody goes on into a future that looks promising. A nice neat ending.

A very satisfactory ending to the trilogy. I have to say though, I really didn’t enjoy reading 2 paragraphs from one characters POV and then switching to someone else. Give me whole chapters. Gave me mental whiplash…

Blood Ties

Blood Ties
Castings #1
Pamela Freeman
4 Stars
461 pages, paperbook

1000 years ago, one group of people invaded a land and dispossessed another group. This book deals with the remnants of that dispossessed and how some want revenge.

The format was different. Each chapter, whether 1 page or 50 pages, followed one character. And it switched between at least 10 different characters. By the end of the book you began to see the hint of an outline of how all these different threads were coming together.

I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy.