Plague of Spells

Forgotten Realms: Abolethic Sovereignty #1
Bruce Cordell
Epub-290 pages
3 Stars

Taking place sometime soon after the death of Mystra [recorded in the Lady Penitent trilogy], the world has changed. A blue fire plague has changed the land, the magic and made it possible for ancient evils to possibly return.

Deals with one small sample of the twisted magic that can recall the Aboleths. Having a new set of characters for each sub series in the Forgotten Realms doesn’t sit well with me. I understand it, but the only continuity provided is on a world wide scale, which is too big for me. I’ll keep plugging away at the Forgotten Realms books, but as backups, not as primary reads.

A typical Forgotten Realms book. Not good enough to get excited about, but not bad enough to stop reading the series.

I really enjoyed the War of the Spiderqueen and the Lady Penitent series, so knowing that this series follows up the demise of Mystra, that is the main draw for me.