Book Haul & Kudos

Recently, I won a contest put on by The Orangutan Librarian,  for my review of A Tropic of Serpents. My prize came in the mail today:




Yep,  nothing says “I’m a Winner” like a Science Fiction book 😀

I started reading the Cobra books by Timothy Zahn in the early 90’s when I found them at our local library. At the time, there was only the original Cobra trilogy. It wasn’t until almost 20 years later, in ’09, that Zahn began writing in the Cobra universe again. Since then though, he’s put out a respectable 5 books [Cobra Outlaw is the second book in the 3rd trilogy] while keeping up with his other writings. While I’m not as enthusiastic about these later books as the former ones, I still look forward to each one as they came out and have been slowing buying them so I can own a paper copy.

So, Thank You Orangutan Librarian! I always appreciate free-to-me books.




#Bibliotheca Book Haul

2 1/2 years ago I came across a Kickstarter for a Bible version that was without chapter or verse, and had all sorts of other “artsy” things [ie, formatting of the page and text, not pictures and silly junk].

Bibliotheca Post from 2014

Offical Bibliotheca Website from 2016

It exploded. It’s goal was $20K and maybe 500 copies. It went over the Million Dollar mark and took about 24 months longer than expected due to the huge increase. It ended up being made from wood free paper, so the pages will never simply rot away. They are actually made from stone. How cool is that!?!?

So today, they arrived. I had ordered a full set and so had my brother and father. They have broken up the Bible into 4 volumes:

The Books of Moses & the Former Prophets

The Latter Prophets

The Writings

The New Testament.

I also ordered the Apocrypha JUST so I could get the slipcase 🙂 I read it once back in Bibleschool and remember not being very impressed with it.

So a big thanks to #Adam Greene, Kickstarter & General Project Manager and all the crew at #Bibliotheca.

I am including several pictures, but I don’t know how well they will come out. Phones are a terrible replacement for a camera, but they’re so dang convenient! This is also my first time adding multiple pictures to a wordpress post, so things might change in the couple of minutes after I post this.


Don Quixote Pre-Pre-Read Extravaganza!

My copy of Don Quixote came in the mail today. I had ordered an Oxford World classic edition in paperback because I had some amazon points I had to use and I wanted a paper copy so I could pencil in thoughts in the margins as I read along. There is going to be a lot of said penciling as the book weighs in at just under 1000 pages and about 960 of that is the novel.


Now the important part. The Tag we should all use. While all of use reading the book are part of the Buddy Read Group and we can comment there or post links to our own updates, not everyone following us is going to see everybody else’s updates, go to the group, etc, etc. With a common tag, anyone following along can click the tag and instantly see in their feed all the posts associated with this read-along whether they are following everyone participating or not.

So without further ado, let us see what is behind Curtain Number One:

*insert long drum roll with some razzamadazzle at the end*





Don Quixote Buddy Read



I know, I know. I too was pretty amazed with myself for coming up with something so clever. But when you have a way with words like I seem to, I guess it is just pure talent shining through 😀

Ok, on a serious note, that just seems the easiest and most obvious. Once you use it the first time it will go to your group of tags so you don’t have to try to remember it on subsequent posts. Any other thoughts, ideas, etc, please post away in the Group so we can all fight about discuss it. For the WP peeps, all the links are obviously booklikes oriented, but feel free to chime in anytime on any of the updates that I’ll be crossposting.

How you decide to read, update, comment, etc is up to you. I’m not worried about spoilers and my updates will NOT be spoiler free. I will be labeling my updates by chapter numbers, so if you’re worried about spoilers, you can easily avoid my posts until you’re read up to that chapter. I’ll be doing one more Pre-Read post next week with some final thoughts before I jump in on the 15th.