– UPDATED – Well, This is Kind of Scary…


Ok, first off, this post is a prime example of why I should never do anything even semi-serious after 9pm. I am not on top of my game and make mistakes.

So, it WAS me. Using one of the least used bookstooge email addresses that I have on hand. I have NO idea why I created the profile or how I forgot about it. I had to reset my password but then I could login and I have deleted the account, hence the “no longer available” that some of you reported. Thanks for checking!

I feel so stupid and embarrassed.  Also, if I’m ever insufferably arrogant to you at some point, please point to this article to remind me about humble pie.






I am not on Facebook, in real life or with the Bookstooge monniker. However, I just found that “Bookstooge Booker” is on Facebook, with the exact same avatar as me in all my various Bookstooge haunts. I did have a FB group when I was copying my reviews but I deleted all content and deleted the group when I left.


And I am not from California.  I am debating whether to join up with Facebook and check this freak out. The next step would be to report them. But how do you report an online identity that isn’t your real life identity?

As if life isn’t complicated enough, sigh.  And it’s Friday…



My Last Booklikes Post

I just posted my final post over at Booklikes.  Been a good run over the last 3 1/2 years but it is apparent that the place has changed and not for the better.


I can be found at the following sites other than Booklikes:


WordPress – https://bookstooge.wordpress.com/

Librarything – https://www.librarything.com/profile/BookstoogeLT

Blogger – http://bookstooge.blogspot.com/


I am most social on WordPress, with non-review posts, etc. Librarything is for cataloguing and I am a member of the Green Dragon where I have a thread devoted to all things Bookstooge. Blogger is more of just a list of all books read and reviewed; without a “like” button I don’t spend much time there.

If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to have a backup site for all your reviews. Because you never know when….[you fill in the blank]



I’ve been putting this off for months, as things looked like they might turn around in January, but it has become evident that it is the same old, same old.  Time to cut the cord. It is midnight now, I’m tired and had a run in with someone over there about politics, which all contributed to this (perceived) abrupt leaving.  But I’ve been saying I’m going to leave for months and just haven’t. So today is the day, now is the time.

Shouldn’t see much of a change at all here at WordPress.   Bookstooge out.