Battle Earth

Battle EarthBattle Earth

Battle Earth #1

Nick Thomas

1 of 5 Stars


Sadly, what was a very interesting premise devolved, extremely quickly, into a poorly worded, ill-thought out, grammatically awkward story.

Short sentences. I felt like Thomas was throwing his sentences out like machine gun bursts. Accurate, but quick and over before you knew it. I was almost breathless by the end of a paragraph.

The high power rifle-like device fired a metal anchor that impeded in the concrete wall and expanded within it…

Impeded? sigh.

…and sped off at an unusually fast velocity.

It is sentences and word choices like the above that made me quit at the 40% mark.

Then the story part. Humanity has outposts on Mars, the Moon and space bases. And we let the aliens land, unimpeded [please note the correct usage] on Earth? You NEVER let a military force take its objective without a fight.
This is supposed to be about elite fighting forces, but they just fold like cards.