Child of a Dead God

Child of a Dead God
Noble Dead #6
Barb and JC Hendee
2 Stars
464 pages

Magierre and Co go to the place she’s been seeing in her dreams, brought upon by the black cloud thing. Get there, find some ultra-powerful artifact, leave and go their separate ways.

This sucked. It was nothing but bickering, fighting, distrust and non-hope the whole way through. There was no joy, no light, no happiness. If the next book’s tone is the same, I will be done with this series.

Rebel Fay

Rebel Fay
Noble Dead #5
Barb Hendee
2 stars
416 pages

The group goes into Elven land to find Leesil’s mom. They give up their weapons and “trust” the elves, who are really bent on destroying them. [Kind of like the U.N. and the United States.]

So basically everybody acts like a complete idiot and nobody even tries to think.

They rescue his mom and then leave. Chap finds out his memory has been selectively sliced, at birth, by the Fay, so he is just a tool.

It was just too much with everybody reacting like they were on hair-triggers instead of actually trying to think.

And Leesil needs a good beatdown to get rid of his attitude.

Traitor to the Blood

Traitor to the Blood
Noble Dead #4
Barb & JC Hendee
2 stars
396 pages

Everyone goes back to Leesil’s home so he can figure out what happened to his parents. He is a big ball of wussiness in my opinion. Find out a bit more about his past and some about the elves.

I just wish everyone in the story would stop having such emotional hangups. Get over yourself and go do what needs to be done!


Noble Dead #1
Barb Hendee
3 stars
376 pages

a woman and a half elf scam villagers by pretending to kill some imaginary vampire threat. They settle down to run an inn and have their old business come back to haunt them, only this time there are real vampires. The woman turns out to be the daughter of a vampire and is consequently a dhampir, a human with some vampiric powers.

This was a very simple book, with many details glossed over or left out, but it was a good entertaining read. I would call it trash fantasy, but not in a bad way, more of a disposable way. I’ll probably read more of this series.