Time Traders II: The Defiant Agents & Key Out of Time

The Defiant Agents
Key Out of Time
Time Traders #2
by Andre Norton
Ebook, 384 Pages
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First story bordered on the “ignorant rascism” for me, but maybe that is because I’m a product of the times and am overly sensitive [I suspect that is true].

Second story was more in the vein of the Time Traders I was used to. Enjoyed it very much.

Time Traders

Time Traders #1
Andre Norton
Epub-400 pages
4 Stars

A book with 3 separate short stories all tied together by common characters. Basically, humanity finds the ability to time travel and the Americans are going through history trying to find the Russians, who seem to have found some advanced tech way in the past. Turns out it was from an alien spaceship. The russians get all their bases destroyed and the americans start tiptoeing.

Ends with a group of americans finding an intact spaceship and making a trip to the aliens world. The alien empire seems to have fallen and humanity looks to have a free hand.

I really enjoyed this. Norton writes in the classic scifi style and it was nice to have some straight forward adventure stories without all the psychological baggage.

Star Gate

Star Gate
Andre Norton
3 Stars
144 pages

a young man of half blood [Starman and native] must go with the last group of Starmen leaving the planet. They use a “gate” to travel to alternate worlds of the same world. Due to being chased, they are stranded on a world where the Star Lords are evil, corrupt gods. The young man helps with the downfall of the evil Star Lords and then travels on, looking for a world never inhabited.

A nice YA novel that is well written but brief. To bad more authors today don’t take lessons from Norton. She knew how to write!