A Mage in the Making

Grimm Dragonblaster #1
Alistair Archibald
Epub-264 pages
2 Stars

10,000 years in the future. Humanity has almost destroyed itself, then recovered. Magic has come forth and male magic become dominant. A talented mage killed his leader and was banned. Now his grandson is on trail to becoming a mage.

We find out that a witch was responsible, behind the scenes, for the grandfather killing the leader, and she is interested in Grimm now. Basically covers from 7-17 years of Grimm’s life. I really didn’t care for this. I’ll keep the rest around for a year or so, but if I don’t read any more, I’ll get rid of them.

Nothing stood out about this book to me, beyond the horrific process used to create Questors. I might try the next book in a couple of months, but only if I feel bored.