Batman: Demon: A Tragedy

Batman: Demon: A Tragedy
Batman: Elseworlds
Alan Grant
Graphic Novel
5 Stars
Cbr file

this was cool. Medieval Wayne is possessed by a demon that comes out at night and kills evildoers. As long as Wayne doesn’t remember, the demon is forced to kill only evil doers. But once Wayne starts to remember, the demon gains power and starts running rampant. Ends with Alfred, who is Merlin who originally summoned the demon in defense of Gotham, making Wayne forget again. Which he has been doing for 1000 years. Wayne’s fiance is killed by the demon, but it ends with him waking up and not remembering any of it or of her.

While a rather short Elseworld novel, I was simply blown away. Where the art of Thrillkiller didn’t work, this time the art dragged me in, kicking and screaming the whole way. The art fit the mood of the book to a tee. And the ending truly does make it a tragedy…