Dragon Strike

Dragon StrikeDragon Strike

Age of Fire #4

E.E. Knight

3 of 5 stars


I was boreder and boreder. And for me to write those words, you better believe it.

Knight has almost lost me on his Vampire Earth series and has just about lost me on this series as well. How can someone have such cool overall ideas and then bore me to death?


Dragon Outcast

Dragon OutcastDragon Outcast

Age of Fire #3

E.E. Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


It is the occasional book like this that keeps me reading series in hopes that it will get better.

I enjoyed Dragon Champion and even Dragon Avenger, but both of them were heavy on the hopelessness of the situation and left me feeling rather blah.

This book I went into expecting to hate the main character and for him to be a villainous terror for the whole book. So imagine my surprise when I feel sorry for him from the get-go!

And it just gets better. Sure, RuGaard has some very tough times. But he is ALWAYS looking for ways to better himself and help those around him. And in the end, he [spoiler] becomes king of a clan of dragons[/spoiler] and is working with humans and other species.

Hope the rest of the series stays on this level.