The Green Brain


Socialists on earth are trying to remove every insect except for mutated/hybrid bees and bad things start to happen.

My Thoughts

I’ve read all the Dune books by Herbert and loved them. However, every other book I’ve read by him has not been very enjoyable. I am convinced that if it weren’t for Dune Herbert would not be the name he is today.

Basically, bugs are taking over the world because the Communists in China and South America are trying to wipe them out and failing miserably about it and lying through their teeth.

This story is about 3 people trapped in the middle of Bug Country and how the evolving bug supermind is trying to communicate before everything is destroyed.

This felt like a mix of Greenpeace/PETA propaganda, with McCarthy like paranoidism and some very slow adventure story. Lots of introspection and “thought bubbles”. I think David Lynch’s movie version of Dune would be a perfect example of how much this was used in this book.

I think I’m done with Herbert. Cerebral can be good, but not when it excludes every other aspect of a story.

Author: Frank Herbert

Rating: 2.5 Stars of 5

The Green Brain

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Think & Grow Rich (Non-fiction)


Mr. Hill takes us through the process of thinking like a champ and tells us it will work.

My Thoughts:

I suspect this book would be good for someone who actually wants to accomplish a large goal, or someone focused on attaining a large amount of money.

For me, I’ve accomplished the large goals in life I want [married, own our own place and work at a job I Iove] and money, while necessary, isn’t something I want to be chasing after. I’m a Christian and the words Hill uses in describing how to attain riches are words I would only feel comfortable using about Jesus, not money.

However, there were some good tips about focusing, staying positive and other stuff. I am not a big non-fiction kind of guy. So if I read 2 non-fiction a year, I’m doing really good.

This was recommended to me by a really good friend who is a retired investment manager, so in all fairness, I actually finished this book more because of my respect of him than because of anything in this book.

Author: Napoleon Hill

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Think and Grow Rich

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Snow in the Desert (Short Story) (Polity)

646b91d55a75224b31d83af25b28b9c8I started reading this and it sounded VERY familiar. And it turns out it was in a book of short stories by Asher, The Gabble: And Other Stories, and I wasn’t going crazy.

So this short story is about a man who has regenerative powers and who Earth Central wants, along with unscrupulous bounty hunters who want his powers for themselves.

And a sexy cyborg.

Neal Asher just writes enjoyable stories.


Snow in the Desert

Neal Asher

3 Stars

Plan B (Liaden)


Everyone comes together on one world to defeat an Ingxtray [or whatever the “bad’ humanoids are called] invasion and the sinister Department of Something Something continues its plan to purify Liadens.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this. It had a fantastic blend of space battles, ground force battles, suspense, romance AND it still had a happy ending.

Sadly, the Turtles are barely in this story, but they ARE mentioned.

Name details are fuzzy for me. So while I know what they mean while I’m reading, as soon as I’m done, poof, they’re gone from my head.

So far, this Liaden universe is enjoyable, light and just the right balance of fun and suspense. Thankfully there is nothing “epic’ about this, but there are quite a few books to read.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Liaden Universe

Plan B

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Honor’s Paradox (Kencyrath #6)


I don’t know where to begin. Another Equinox festival, another test at the college, more interfering by sundry and sorts.

My Thoughts

While this was the most non-cryptic book so far in the series [and it is the latest written to date], it also was the book where I figured out WHY I hate these books so much even as I like them.

The good guys are filled with nothing but indecision and fear and allow themselves to be pushed around without pushing back.

The bad guys are always breaking the unwritten rules without any consequences.

That type of disparity always pushes my buttons. I’m a small guy and I learned early on as a teenager that if someone bigger than me hits me, I hit them back twice as hard. 99% of the time, it rocked them and shut the situation down. That other 1% sucked, but hey, not everything is perfect, right? 😉

So when I see people just giving in, giving ground, not fighting for what is right, it grates pretty bad on my psyche.

And the story isn’t anywhere near finished. So I think I’m done with the Kencyrath world. At the rate the books are being written [started back in ’86 I believe], they will never get done.

Author: P.C. Hodgell

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Kencyrath #6

Honor’s Paradox

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Valkyrie Burning (Hayden War Cycle #3)


Sgt. Aida comes back to Hayden to push out the remnant of the elite alien soldiers. At the same time, Space Fleet Valkyrie must deal with another space based alien invasion. Poor Hayden, it just can’t catch a break.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Aida is a kickass sergeant and man, with her implants, she does a lot of damage. In many ways it reminds me of Neal Asher’s Polity universe, with it’s integration of humanity and A.I.

The space battle was meh, as are most space battle that I read now. After reading Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet and his in-depth explanation of space maneuvers, time, timing, communications etc, I find these simpler battles kind of like kindergarten.

Now the fight between Aida and the alien soldier, that was good! And if you ever think of elevators as boring, with sleep inducing muzak, then you need to read this book, it’ll change your view, REAL QUICK.

Overall, I’m really liking Currie’s works. He could use a good editor to polish him up, but the mechanics are all good and the foundations are solid. Kind of like Dean’s old muscle car from Supernatural.

Author: Evan Currie

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Hayden War Cycle #3

Valkyrie Burning

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Earthman Jack vs The Ghost Planet DNF w/ Extreme Prejudice


Earthman Jack vs The Ghost Planet

Matthew Kadish

1/2 stars

author is blah, blah, blah.

Books that I can’t finish aren’t worth the typical review, as I don’t care about who the author is [except to maybe to avoid], what the synopsis is or even what I thought of the story.

Well, to be honest, I do like to write about why I couldn’t/wouldn’t finish this.

I have a real problem with those who have a problem with authority. And Jack is the quintessential rebellious teen who simply doesn’t care. His mom works her ass off to keep him fed and sheltered, working double shifts to pay for things, and he doesn’t care. His teachers push him to succeed and punish when needed, and he doesn’t care.

In fact, as far as I could tell by the time I got to 14%, Jack didn’t care about anything except his own selfish desires.

This was supposed to be a comedy, and from the very ripped off from Hitchhiker’s Guide tone, I suspect it might have turned into one. But I was not going to waste my time getting there.

it is pretty obvious that Jack is going to save the earth and that he is supposed to be a typical kid. But while I like reading about underdogs becoming great, I don’t like reading about selfish assholes who won’t accept responsibility for their actions nor think about the consequences of said actions.

I definitely won’t be reading any more by this author.

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