Prince Caspian

Prince CaspianPrince Caspian

Chronicles of Narnia #2

C.S. Lewis

4 of 5 Stars


The 4 Pevensy’s [spelling?] return to Narnia to right the wrongs.

This is a morality tale, but told in such a way that youngsters would be enthralled by the story even if they missed the deeper connotations. Which is why Dad or Mom should read this to them, and ask questions, to make the child think. An evil king, an outcast prince, kings and queens of legend, magical beasts, battles and a resolution that rights all wrongs, all rolled together to tell in engaging story.

It is a testament to Lewis’s writing that he is able to preach in this book without preaching.

The Engineer Reconditioned

The Engineer ReconditionedThe Engineer Reconditioned

Polity #13

Neal Asher

2 of 5 Stars


Sadly, I am finding I don’t care for Asher’s short stories as much as his novels. Mainly, because it seems he allows himself to vent against Christianity & religion with his stories.

Some Polity stories, some Hivemind stories and some Owner stories. I kind of wish I’d read this and the Owner stories BEFORE starting the Owner series.

The Rook

The RookThe Rook

The Checquy Files #1

Daniel O’Malley

4 of 5 Stars


The only reason this isn’t getting a 5star from me is because I’m not sure about its re-readability. If I ever re-read this, and like it as much as I did this time, I’ll be bumping it up to 5.

The writing was clean and tight. No spelling gaffs, or grammatical errors or awkward sentence structures to pull you out of the story. this was written well, then even better, EDITED well. With the influx of indies, good editing shows, sadly.

The story. Mysterious, engaging, cool, neat and wraps up well. Thankfully Mr. O’Malley doesn’t spend time on WHY the Rook has lost her memory, it is just an event that catapults the story forward.

The humor. I was grinning for a lot of this book. Not laughing out loud, or rolling on the floor, but grinning. Wise-ass humor was rife and I loved it.

“Oh thank God.”Not to worry, it’s not a weird monster. It’s just three rotting dead people. Page 290 ebook edition

How can you NOT love humor like that?

Characters. Good, bad, mean, nice, nasty, innocent, naive and disgusting. They were all there and nobody was a cookie cutter throwaway. Given, some characters had more facetime and were developed on a deeper level, but everyone felt like a real person, not just a name with some actions attached to them.

Queen of Demons

Queen of Demons: The second book in the epic saga of 'The Lord of the Isles'Queen of Demons

Lord of the Isles #2

David Drake

3 of 5 Stars


The full title for this edition is Queen of Demons: The second book in the Epic Saga of ‘The Lord of the Isles’. The story is as pretentious as this title.

Which considering that everything in this series is big, bigger than life, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is still pretentious though.

Now, the overall plot revolves around Garric becoming Prince Garric, titular heir to the Islands. Along the way the group gets split up and faces various trials and horrors. A nice cast of side characters are served up, just waiting to be killed off, which they mostly are in various ways.

Around page 400 [of roughly 600] I realized that I was ready for the story to be over. The side journeys were continued much longer than they needed to be.

War Against the Mafia

War Against the MafiaThe War Against the Mafia

The Executioner #1

Don Pendleton

3 of 5 Stars


If Marvel didn’t base their character of the Punisher on Mack Bolan, then I’ll eat my shoes.

Sniper trained, Vietnam vet, family lost due to the Mafia, personal war, etc. Bolan ends up taking out one branch of the Mafia, while dodging the police and making to love to prostitutes, extra busty prostitutes and a supposedly innocent school teacher. Yeah, a school teacher. Who he then leaves at the end of the book.

This was extremely violent. Considering that I’ve read, and loved, Neal Asher and David Drake, that is saying something.