Gridlinked (Polity: Agent Cormac #1)


Polity: Agent Cormac #1

Neal Asher

4 Stars


Well written, and for the avid scifi fan, not hard to follow the “sciences” of the future.
I found the idea of an AI Meritocracy quite fascinating. Some primal part of me still shivers at the though of AI’s being in control and seeing how it works out piqued my interested.
The raw amount of action was welcome. You didn’t find characters waxing philosophical for pages and pages and pages. Maybe a paragraph or two? Quite handle-able. Looking forward to more of this series.


The Emerald Storm (Riyria Revelations #4)

The Emerald Storm

Riyria Revelations #4

Michael Sullivan

4 Stars


Nice to read a story in which Hadrian and Roy aren’t all powerful 🙂 Really enjoyed this. However, the vague hints of impending doom concern me [since we only have 2 books left]. Looking forward to see how the author pulls it off.

Way of Kings

Way of Kings

Stormlight Archives #1

Brandon anderson


2 Stars


(Combined Review from Old Blog & Goodreads)

The first in a 10 book series [or so touted by the publishers with no denial by Sanderson]. Epic fantasy. This was very hard to get into. I was over the 500page mark before I really found things getting interesting. Things were broken up between 3 main characters and I felt like not enough time was given for each character at once, ie, needed bigger chunks at a time for each character. Then in the interludes we get short little threads about side characters we know nothing about but it appears will be appearing in future books. Overall, I felt like I had been duped into spending a very large amount of time on something I didn’t really enjoy. I kept expecting things to “get better” but it took until over the 800page mark for that to happen. I doubt I will be reading these books as they come out, but will wait til 3 or 4 have accumulated, then play catch up. Felt like this book failed to live up to its hype, which is sad since I’ve really, really enjoyed everything of Sanderson’s so far [well, except for War Breaker].

So far, everything Sanderson has put out I have thought was fantastic. Even Warbreaker.

That being said, this book was overhyped and it failed to capture me.

At over 1000 pages, Sanderson needed to make me care about the characters, the world, the plot. I didn’t actually start getting into the book until after the 500page mark. If this had been another author, I wouldn’t have finished the book.

Thankfully, I did finish it. That being said, it was only from the 800page mark and on that I actually got excited about the story. I know this is supposed to be a 10book series and hence the first book is going to be a huge “world setting up”, but the reader still needs to be drawn in and captivated.

Given how this was written, I will probably wait until 3 or 4 books are out before reading any more. Nothing in this first novel really made me want to read 10books worth of it.

I am sad. Because like I said at the beginning, I have LOVED what Sanderson has written so far. Maybe a re-read in 5 or 6 years will change my perspective; I sure hope so.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Curse of the Mistwraith

Wars of Light and Shadow #1

Janny Wurts


1 Star


2 halfbrothers are transported to another world where it turns out they are of ancient royal blood and destined to destroy that worlds enemy, the mistwraith. However, the 2 brothers are at odds with one another because they were of separate kingdoms back on their own world. Basically, one brother is all whiny and missing the comforts of home while the other is just a jerk who does what he wants just to spite anyone who tells him anything to do. Immature spoilt brats. Maybe they gain depth and character later on, but not by halfway through this book. And since there are 7 or 8 books in the series, I’m not waiting that long.

Between the whining, the childish attitudes [I’ll do what I want so don’t tell me what to do, or if you do, I’ll do just the opposite:], the womanish emoting of the two princes’s, it was too much to handle.

The 2 main characters should have been women, not men. Men would have grabbed the situation by the throat, not acted like these two…

Nyphron Rising (Riyria Revelations #3)

Nyphron Rising

Riyria Revelations #3

Michael Sullivan

5 Stars


Splits the story between the empress [who is a puppet:] and Royce and Adrian. The New Empire is taking over, with long term planning help from the Nyphron church. Several revelations are made about the past, and future, of Royce and Hadrian and the true Heir is revealed. Esrahaddon shows his conniving wizardly ways and you still don’t know if he should be trusted, simply because his agenda is unclear. The empress’s story was nicely done. She has gone into a moving coma practically, so the story is really more about a serving maid who draws her out and makes her want to live again. Gave a nice touch and contrasted nicely with the devious scheming of the church.