Through Wolf’s Eyes

Through Wolf’s Eyes

Wolf #1

Jane Lindskold

4 Stars


A young girl, raised by Royal wolves [bigger and smarter] is taken back to medieval civilization as the possible heir of a kingdom. Turns out she isn’t, but she ends up saving the King and helping the kingdom.

The first in at least 6 Wolf novels. This was a very enjoyable read. There was NO angst, no bitter self-recriminations. The author kept the emotional tone of the book upbeat, forward moving and didn’t let you get mired in despair and the past.

Worth getting in hardback.


Demon Deathchase

Demon Deathchase

Vampire Hunter D #3

Hideyuki Kikuchi

Light Novel

1 Star


D, in direct competition with a clan of Hunters, goes after a Vampire who has absconded with a willing woman. The pair are trying to get to space to escape. Pretty much everybody but D dies. No loose ends that way.

I have one more VHD book, and that will be it. In this one, a woman is raped, repeatedly by her 4 brothers. Kikuchi is one sick ******.


Flight of the Night Hawks

Flight of the Night Hawks

Darkwar Saga #1

Raymond Feist


1 Star



Feist has now ruined Midkemia for me. This was like eating week old porridge. You know it was good a week ago [ie, Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master], but now? Disgusting.

I just gave up and I’ve given up on Feist. I’ll stick to his old stuff, thankyou very much.

Relentless (Lost Fleet #5)


Lost Fleet #5

Jack Campbell

4 Stars


The Lost Fleet finally makes it back to Alliance territory. In spite of overwhelming odds, alien intervention and sabotage by officers in his own fleet, Geary makes it home. Ends with them planning a raid on the Syndic CEO homeworld to cut the head off of the snake and then deal with the aliens as best they can.

A good cut off point for the series, but maybe he’ll do one more in this series? Just checked the bibliography on his website, John G Hemry and it looks like he WILL be writing another book, due out in ’10.

Courageous (Lost Fleet #3)


Lost Fleet #3

Jack Campbell

3 Stars


Things started to wear a bit in this book. Geary saves them, they complain. They get smacked up. Geary does this, Geary thinks that.

Really need to move past the whole “running around in enemy territory” thing. This was almost a carbon copy of the 2nd book. Different names and places, but same idea. I want something new.

Bridge to Terebithia

Bridge to Terebithia

Katherine Paterson

Middle Grade Coming of Age

5 Stars


Winner of the 1978 Newberry Award. Back in the 70’s in some backwoods place. A 10 year old boy makes friends with a new girl from the city. Together they imagine Terebithia, a magic place safe from all the problems of school, home and the world.

Jess’s world is torn down when Leslie dies one day going to Terebithia when he doesn’t. He stands back up though and continues on and introduces his younger sister to Terebithia, after building a bridge over the river.

This was a very evocative book. It really showed the pain of growing up, of being a kid, the inherent unfairness that is practiced among kids and it showed the freedom available if one puts forth the effort to take it. This was a fantastic book.

One sentence stood out though “It took them a long time to accept there what everyone could see by their TV’s was OK anywhere else“.[italics mine] It just made me realize how susceptible we humans are to having our reality defined by fiction. God spoke Truth. Satan spoke lies. Guess which we chose, and continue to choose?

But this was a fantastic book. Definitely worth a hardcover buy.