Emo Me

The Void,
the awful void within.
Consuming me,
the emptiness consuming all.

despair overwhelming.
Light, faltering.
Massive nothingness in us all

Not to bad, wouldn’t you say? I was actually kind of down when I started, but when I actually read it, I started laughing. What a bunch of pretentious phooey. That’s what emo is all about after all, wallowing selfishly in ones own pathetic nature without trying to change it.

Hahahahaa. I feel better now 🙂

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

alicesadventuresinwonderland (Custom)Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland #1

Lewis Carroll

Juvenile Fiction

3 Stars

144 Pages


young Alice is bored, so she follows a rabbit down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. She shrinks and grows and shrinks and grows and meets all sorts of interesting characters. Then her sister wakes her up.

Into the Looking Glass

Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass, #1)

Into the Looking Glass
Looking Glass #1
John Ringo
4 of 5 stars


Basically take Doom and parts of Starcraft, specifically the Zerg, add in some military hardware jargon and you’ve got this book. Some rogue physicist creates some kind of gate that throws out bosun particles, which allow gates to be opened to other planets. The dreen come through one and we go through another and meet some friendly aliens. The dreen take over planets and suck them dry of resources. The dreen are zerglike, growing creatures for specific needs.

Besides some profanity and some seriously over the top weapon specifications[it IS military scifi though], this was enjoyable. I plan on reading some more in this series ’cause this was a ton of fun.

Great Expectations

Charles Dickens
479 pages
4 Stars
– a young boy helps a convict and he in turns makes the boy’s fortune later in life and in secret. It all comes to naught though and the convict dies and the boy, now a man, must make it on his own. I enjoyed this story, but the main character, except right at the end, is one of the typical “gentlemen” of the times. Loose with money, miserable and doing anything to make that misery disappear. He is a shallow, selfish jerk. Redeemed at the end, but 20-30 pages against 430+ doesn’t do a whole lot.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Charles Dickens


4 Stars


A young boy is brought up on the streets but taken in by kind people. Goes through various struggles and ends up being the rightful heir to a deadman. More of a social commentary on the workhouses of the times. Horrible places and run by hypocrites. Young Oliver is an innocent and a joy to read about.

The Singer’s Crown

The Singer’s Crown

Elaine Isaak


1 Star


This novel had an interesting plotline. A king dies, his brother kills his heirs and wife but lets his fave nephew live, but castrates him and sends him to live with singing monks. The nephew comes back many years later and retakes his throne.

Ok, now the real review. This was a HORRIBLE book. By horrible, I mean I would gladly do physical violence to the author to prevent her from ever writing again. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. This lady either hates men, doesn’t understand them AT all OR has some insane desire for men to actually be women inside. ALL the male good characters are the most effeminate, emotional, wussy and plain cowardly wusses I have ever wanted to throttle and then run through. How many times can you read about men “…touched his shoulder and gazed into his eyes” without wanting to just totally puke it all up! And the thing is, it is not at all homosexual. It is just girly. Men acting like women, WRONGO!


it (Custom)IT

Stephen King


1138 Pages

4 Stars



some big space bug comes to earth a long time ago. Now it resides in a Maine town and feeds on kids every 26years or so. Anyway, some kids hurt it and then come back in 26 years to finish the job.

The horror in this novel lay in fact that humans are so bad. The people did horrible things, ignored horrible things, etc. Murder, madness, death and destruction.

I haven’t read any of King’s stuff since highschool [and those were some short story collections] and I don’t plan on reading anymore. I don’t want to fill my mind with evil.

And yet it is incredible writing.



Charles Dickens

4 Stars

257 Pages



A story set in a small town. A man raises his children with regard for nothing but “Facts!” One marries a much older man because she doesn’t care about anything and it will help her brother and the brother becomes a selfish idiot. Brother robs a bank and through it all the family realizes that there is much MORE than just “facts!” to life.

Social Networks: Store or Castle?

Ok, most of you are familiar with either social network utility Myspace or Facebook. I am guessing that more are familiar with Facebook, since in the last year the number of “friends” I have has tripled or almost quadrupled.

With so many people on, it has become QUITE obvious that different people view, and hence treat, these utilities in very different ways. This was brought starkly to my attention in the last couple of months.

Some people treat these virtual social networks as a general store. Anybody can go in, browse around and just see other people that they know. A gathering place to just “see” anybody you might have ever known in your whole life.

On the other hand, there are those who view these networks as a castle. They view their homepage as their home. The privacy settings are walls, moats, drawbridges; things to discourage the common riffraff from just coming in and tracking in dirt. Friends are always welcome, but it isn’t a museum for everybody.

When these two outlooks come into contact, one of two things happens. Either the drawbridge stays up and the “general store” person feels like they have been denied a right and their feelings are hurt, or the “castle owner” feels like somebody is invading their privacy by “acquaintances” banging on the walls repeatedly saying “let me in!”

Thankfully Facebook is full of settings that allows something in the middle that makes everybody not unhappy, most of the time.

So be prepared; the castle is changing 😉

Memories of Ice (Malazan Book of the Fallen #3)

Memories of Ice

Malazan Book of the Fallen #3

Steven Erikson

4 Stars


taking place during and immediately after Deadhouse Gates. Paran is now Lord of the Decks [which recognizes “legitimate” gods]. Turns out that the Crippled god is actually an alien forced into our dimension 100’s of thousands of years ago and now he is trying to destroy everything here in revenge. He is playing a great game of war. This book deals with various factions putting down an army of his that is led by a Jaghut. Details alot more about the Imass and the Jaghuts in the far past. Has lots to do with the rise and fall of gods, ascendants and the like. It is incredibly sad. Yet the writing is SO incredible that whenever I read a fantasy book right after one of these, the fantasy book seems so shallow and 2d by comparison. Read this on my honeymoon, so that might have a tiny influence on why I enjoyed this so much ;D