Shaman King #10 & 11

Hiroyuki Takei



Yoh and the gang begin the journey to the Patch Village. But they come across another Indian who shows them that all is not what it seems. Hao, another contestant, is actually a 1000 year old shaman, intent on world domination. Journey across America continues.


The Pickwick Papers

The Pickwick Papers

Charles Dickens


5 Stars


the adventures of 4 englishmen as they go about the countryside “observing” different aspects. Originally a serial, so it is broken down into shorter chapters, with no over arching plot. Very funny! A good introduction to Dickens.

Shaman King #7-9

Shaman King #7-9

Hiroyuki Takei



Yoh finishes the prelims, saves Ren and they become friends. The Tournament takes place in America and book nine ends with the Patch Jumbo Jet dissolving and dropping all the contestants at 40,000 feet, and if they survive the drop, they have 3 months to make it to the Patch reservation.

Hunters of Dune (Dune 7 #1)

Hunters of Dune

Dune 7 #1

Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson

4 Stars


The immediate sequel to Chapterhouse. I liked it, a lot! Follows the escaped no-ship, which breeds some gholas of Dune’s past, and Murbella, who rises to unite the Bene Gesserit and the Honored Maitres against the Enemy who drove the HM’s into the Old Empire. Meet Norma Cenva, who is the Oracle of Time now, and Omnius and Erasmus, who survived and for the past 15,000 years have been building up forces to once and for all wipe out humanity. Very complex threads. The 2 prequel trilogies are a must read to fully understand the ending and certain references. I look forward to the concluding novel.

Harpist in the Wind

Harpist in the Wind

Riddlemaster #3

Patricia McKillip


3 Stars


the finish up of the Riddlemaster Trilogy. I hardly understood a thing that was happening; it was much more poetically oriented like her later books. Morgon becomes the land-heir of the One and defeats the shapechangers, locking them into a mountain. It was just extremely confusing. I would not recommend this series as a first tryout for McKillip.



White: The Great Pursuit (The Circle #3)


The Circle #3

Ted Dekker

4 Stars

370 Pages


finishes up the series. Thomas dies in our world, giving his blood as the antidote, but in the other world, Rachelle dies, and a year later he meets the daughter of Qurong[Tanis] and falls in love and sacrifices everything[or so he thinks] to gain her. A picture of Justin’s love for them, His bride. The books? They are not a precursor, but the real deal. Showdown is a direct sequel to this series in dealing with the Books of History. Now I want to go read it again.