house (Custom)House

Frank Peretti

Ted Dekker


2 Stars




oh man! This was creepy, scary, and awesome. A serial murderer traps 4 people in a house. He is either a demon or demon possessed and his House Rule is that they must kill one of their group to let the others live. There is also a little girl[an angel?] and some inbreds. It ends up being about their souls and hearts. I liked it a lot.

The Anubis Gates

The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers

4 Stars



An old, rich eccentric discovers certain portals in which it is possible to time jump.

Takes a group back, one gets left behind, his story. Ends up fighting a bunch of crazy egyptians who want to change history so that Egypt rises again, while doing this he becomes a little known[in the future] poet.

I had read this in highschool, so had a vague rememberance of what was going to happen, but it was still a nice surprise overall. Very enjoyable.



Ted Dekker


5 Stars


I am glad this was my third book by Dekker, cause it blew me away and now I have very high expectations for everything else I read. Tempered by what I’ve already read. Incredible!

One man, 3 completely distinct personalities, battling it out. A psychological take on the Trey Nature of Man[at least according to Dekker]-ourself, our sin self and our regenerated self.

I don’t agree with his conclusions, for I believe that once a man is saved, he is Regenerated, a completely new being. The flesh is not a “nature”, but an outer garment. But anyway, this was an excellent book even if I did want to kill Kevin for being such a wuss and stupid idiot throughout most of it.

Republic Commando Omnibus #1 (Star Wars)

Republic_Commando_Volume_1 (Custom)Hard Contact

Triple Zero

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Karen Traviss

3 Stars



this was a fantastic book. Followed a group of specialized clone troopers [commandos]. Made them human, and revealed a lot of details about what a raw deal the clones got. Engineered to die within 20 years. Created, train, fight, die. Terrible. It was cool to read a StarWars book not centered on the Jedi, even tho Jedi were involved.