Jupiter War (Owner #3) (Polity)


Jupiter War

Owner #3

Author: Neal Asher

4 of 5 Stars (1 extra star for ultra-awesome violence)



Saul must turn “his” space station into a spaceship capable of interstellar flight to escape the powers of earth. All the while fending off those same powers who desperately want him back on earth for vengeance and the data and tech he now owns.


My Thoughts

This was really a 3star book. We get Saul transforming the station into the ship, chipped humans on the ship rebelling, Saul debating the true meaning of freewill, responsibility and freedom, Galahad having her delusions of grandeur even while the whole structure on earth is falling to pieces, and finally, we get fighting. And that is why I gave it 4 stars.

Asher knows how to write a gritty, awesome, massively bloody fight, in space and with ground troops. That is the main thing I read his books for, awesome ideas about humanity/tech and violence. He does them both so well.

I didn’t like Saul in the first book, and I still don’t like him here in the third, as a person. As the Owner, however, he makes a kickbutt demi-god.

While it appears obvious that Asher has more to write in the Owner series, I really hope he returns to the main Polity Universe soon and gives us new stuff there.

Hilldiggers (Polity #9)


Polity #9

Neal Asher

3 Stars


My least favorite of the Polity novels so far. I just found the whole situation rather boring, to be honest. There wasn’t enough AI humor, or awesome brutality of everything else, to really make me feel like I was reading a good Asher novel.

Prador Moon (Polity #9)

Prador Moon

Polity #9

Neal Asher

4 Stars


The first contact/fight between the Polity and the Pradors. Shows the beginnings of the higher end augs/human mix that blur the line between man and machine. Very violent, mainly because of how the prador eat everything.

Not nearly long enough for me. I was hoping for a bit “larger” view of the start of the war. However, this one snapshot filled all my secret needs for ultra-violent’ness. And with HUGE crablike aliens who eat us and each other, man, just what the Dr. ordered.

Very typical Asher, with lots of action, techno dumps and detailed descriptions of horrific things. Not a good book to start the Polity series, but a good fun read part way through.

Orbus (Polity: Spatterjay #3)


Polity: Spatterjay #3

Neal Asher

4 Stars

I love Asher’s writing. Not a single “human” [as we would think of it] in this book and yet characterization came through loud and clear.
Blood, guts, ichor and science. What a winning combo.

An old captain, a war drone and a Polity ship head to a neutral zone between Polity and the Prador kingdom. The prador from the previous Splatterjay books turns into what the king is, a mutated prador. In the process, it is revealed that the splatterjay virus is actually a form of Jain tech, which emerges and is barely headed off by the King of the Prador, who dies. Closer ties are hinted at between the Pradors and Polity

The Voyage of the Sable Keech (Polity: Spatterjay #2)

The Voyage of the Sable Keech

Polity: Spatterjay #2

Neal Asher

4 Stars


A good riproaring violent scifi adventure. Where else but the Polity universe do we get robot pteradactyls, sentient wasps, animated corpses, nigh indestructible sailors, giant crablike’ish aliens, supersmart AI’s, sailing boats and lasers?

I couldn’t have asked for a better framework. I think that this novel fits right in with all the other Polity novels by Asher. Not the place to start, but a good continuation.

The Skinner (Polity: Spatterjay #1)

The Skinner

Polity: Spatterjay #1

Neal Asher

4 Stars


Fantastic! I liked this book as much as any of the “Agent Cormac” books by Asher. Action and ideas intertwining and giving the reader the best of both worlds. I found the additional info about the Prador fascinating.

a new storyline dealing with a world called Spatterjay. It has a virus that infects humans and makes them strong, regenerative and nearly immortal. But if they don’t eat Polity foods [ie, human food], they turn into a skinner. A skinner is a creature that kills and destroys. This book was about a polity agent looking for retribution on a gang of Hoopers [what turned humans are called] that participated in the Prador war, on the Prador’s side. Follows the agent, some Hoopers, a Prador and some AI’s as they all come together on Spatterjay and deal with a skinner. I enjoyed this as much, if not more, than the Agent Cormac books.

Line War (Polity: Agent Cormac #5)

Line War

Polity: Agent Cormac #5

Neal Asher

4 Stars

the final book in the Agent Cormac series. Cormac realizes that Earth Central and the other AI’s have allowed the Jain tech to grow so as to spur humanity onward, only they started losing control. Things are brought back under control, but Cormac has become truly post-human and is now the bogeyman to the AI’s. They had better do their best by humanity or Cormac will come and get them. Quite an interesting conclusion and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more in the Polity Universe.

Over prosaic. Too wordy.

But other than that, the over arching plot I found fantastic. Love the idea of Cormac being the bogeyman now. Somebody needs to watch over EC [ie, Skynet] and keep it honest 😉

Polity Agent (Polity: Agent Cormac #4)

Polity Agent

Polity: Agent Cormac #4

Neal Asher

4 Stars

the continuation of the big story about the fight against the Jain artifacts. Find out Blegg IS just a construct of Earth Central but that Cormac might actually BE the first post-human the AI’s are trying to create. Lots of fighting and some stuff with the remaining 2 dragon spheres. Very engaging and plot oriented. Very little character development, but that is ok.

Awesome! The more we see of Jain tech, the worse things get! This is complex, multileveled and just plain cool. Character development is almost nil, but that is ok, but this is a plot driven series and man, does it drive you. Highly recommended.