Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 95%

mrmercedesWell, the story part of the book is done. So don’t read further if you are against spoilers and all that jazz. I’m going to be spoilering the heck right out of the ballpark.



King sucked me right back in with this last 20%. I was right back to caring about the characters like they were real people again. Thankfully King didn’t gut me.  The suspense of whether Brady would commit the mass murder or not was kept taut right up until it is decided. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat right up until that moment. Then I was able to relax.

Things wrap up pretty happily. Jerome seems to be ok, Holly [Janey’s nutcase cousin] is on the road to being a semi-normal, take care of herself kind of person and Hodges can sit back and do some sidework to keep him active.  Brady ends up in a hospital with his head bashed in and in a coma. But of course, he wakes up right at the end of the book. Not sure if King is going to re-use him as a villain in the next Hodges book or if it is one of those throw away “will they/won’t” they kind of things. Either way, Brady should have died.

Brady also waxes philosophical on what death means and gives a decent description of oblivion and nihilism. My only thought during this was “Boy, is he going to be surprised when he wakes up and faces judgement before God”.  Couldn’t tell if that is King’s personal belief or just one he inculcated into Brady to make him a real character.

No supernatural. Not one tiny bit. That was the biggest disappointment for me.

I still have to read the Afterwards by King and hope to do a proper review this coming weekend. Don’t be surprised though if I just recycle bits from these updates. They really sum up how this book worked, or not, for me.



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Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 75%

mrmercedesWell, I went into this knowing how it had affected me so far. A couple of things were different from other times, so bear with me.

First, Mrs Bookstooge and I went to a small chinese sda church outside of Boston today where we witnessed the baptism of 14 people. 2 of them were little girls of some people we knew from our home church. The age range was from single digits up to the 70’s. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing someone take that intelligent choice to follow Jesus. It reminds you that there is Hope, that “you” are not alone and that “you” are not the last bastion of hope for all of Christendom. Sometimes we Christians forget that God is actually in charge. So that was one big factor.

Secondly, I deliberately turned off my “feelings” when going into this. I didn’t allow myself to picture these fictional characters as real people, I disconnected myself from the story.

Those together allowed me to power through another 25% in one sitting.

So spoilers ahead!

I KNEW somebody had to die, I just wasn’t sure who. Jerome or Janey? Well, King answered that question quite decisively. After I started this book I realized from talking with Tyson Adams about Book 2, that this was a trilogy and most love interests don’t last for a whole trilogy, especially not in horror books. So I should have seen this coming from a mile away, but I just didn’t want to think to hard about it.

Brady’s plan for the concert seems to have kicked into high gear and he’s not concentrating on Hodges anymore. I know nothing about plastic explosives so I still wonder how much damage a wheelchair full of the stuff could cause. I’m not interested enough to search it out on the internet either. I know the NSA is spying on me, right? And considering that I haven’t even had a chance to do a Survival Saturday post yet, I’m just too young to be locked away in a black room and have my brains picked.


A sneak peak at next week’s choice. Yummy!?!? Right…..


I get that things are now personal for Hodges and he wants to do this on his own, and I’m really glad he’s picked a time to give up and hand it in to the police. But now that Janey is no longer a driving factor, why is he staying involved? Hodges has already thought that he’s not going to kill Mr Mercedes, just apprehend him and beat him up. What is the point? If you are going to take the Law into your own hands, do it fully. That means, Judge, Jury AND Executioner. Or let the proper law enforcement officers do their job. Half measure piss me off.

I ended my reading with Hodges and Co [Jerome and Janey’s cousin who is a basketcase] realizing that Bradley was also the icecream man. Not sure how that helps them any beyond showing how he kept tabs on people and stuff.  I guess that is why I’m reading books and not writing them.



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Comment Purgatory? Update



After contacting Akismet, the company that deals with spam and spammers on wordpress, I appear to be back in action.  I was not told why my comments went straight to spam and honestly, I don’t care.

Now, any of the comments I might have left are still in your spam folders, but from here on out, any new comments by me should come through.


Now I can blab to my heart’s content. Thank you for your forbearance.



Original Post:

Last night I left a couple of comments on various blogs, no problem.  This morning, every comment I’ve left has disappeared. I’m guessing it went into peoples’ spam comment thingy. At first I thought it was because I’d hit the wrong button instead of “submit”, but nope, my comments are gonzo’d!

I know a couple of you have gone through the same thing. I’m going to wait until tomorrow and see if it fixes itself. If it doesn’t, does anyone know where I begin? This is one of the few downside of wordpress having such a hands off attitude.

So if I’m not saying anything on your posts, I’m trying, honest!





Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 50%

mrmercedesThis is one messed up book so far. It is making me consider reading any more King at all in the coming years.


Brady the killer. This guy is a loose cannon. He’s not Dexter, he doesn’t know enough and while intelligent, can’t seem to focus that intelligence.  In other words, he’s almost like every other serial murderer.  As soon as he bought the gopher poison and brought it home, I KNEW what was going to happen. Also, the whole incest thing, not so oblique. So her offing herself by accident didn’t leave me feeling bad or sympathetic. I just wished she’d put it in lasagna or something and they both ate it and died and then Brady comes back possessed by a demon or something. If there is nothing supernatural about this storyline, I’ll be extremely disappointed.

Bill Hodges, the fat old retired cop. Getting it on with the dead woman’s younger sister. While not erotica level of graphicness, it was more than I wanted to read.  As a cop, he seems to be in complete control of the situation. He’s leading Brady along by the nose, making him react, setting things up, being the controller. Waiting for him to fall spectacularly.

Jerome, the highly intelligent neighbor boy. He’s playing way too big a part of the story so far to not get involved. My only thought is is he going to die or be broken? He’s got a little sister, so it’s a real toss up.

Janey. Getting involved with Bill the cop. Being warned to be aware. She has GOT to die.

By the 50% mark I was expecting something to have happened. But it is going really slow. Definitely a slow burn though. You can see Brady gradually losing it bit by bit.

The whole Boy Band, packed stadium thing that Brady is now fixated on. How much damage does he think he could do with a bomb vest? If the stadium can hold 3000 people, you need something vehicular sized to do some serious damage, not a bloody suicide vest with ball bearings. I keep getting told that Brady is intelligent, but there are so many instances of him doing something unintelligent that I’m beginning to shake my head. He might be smarter than the guy working at McDonalds but that does not make him intelligent. *sigh*

I asked BookCupidity if I could take an extra week to do this Buddy Read and she agreed. I’m glad I asked. I’m not going to be reading this all week. I’ll read another bit next weekend and post again. As engrossing as it is, I feel like I’m being dirtied from the inside out. Like someone dipped their hands in used car oil and is now using my brain to wipe them off. Bleh!



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Survival Saturday – The Intro Post

In my September Roundup, I talked about starting a “Survival Saturday” series of posts where I make a survival meal each month and let you all know how it turned out and any do’s or don’t’s that I learn along the way. I figured I’d do this Intro Post where I write out all the Why’s and Wherefore’s so I don’t have to add that to each Survival Saturday post.


First off, Mrs Bookstooge and I are NOT DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. We both have conditions that need daily or monthly medication that only a fully functioning First World Country can provide. We are healthy but we got the short end of the genepool stick. So if the world goes to pot tomorrow, we’ll probably both be dead in 60-90’s day. However, as good responsible citizens of the United States, it is our right and duty to Vote AND to take care of ourselves. Taking care of one’s self includes being prepared for a 30 day emergency.

The current climate of hurricanes hitting super hard doesn’t directly affect us here in the North East, but it does affect us and things can just happen. So I’ve wanted to be prepared, just in case. That is the WHY of why I have 2 pantries worth of Survival Food.

ssThat is approximately 60 days worth of survival food for 2 people


I’ve got 2 different company’s food and will take a picture of each package, front and back, which will give you all the details that I have. I’ll be including calorie count, etc. Each packet is supposed to be 4 servings, but that is one thing I’ll be looking at when we eat these. Are those serving realistic or not? Also, all foods are vegetarian, so even when something has”chicken” or “beef” in its title, it is not actually meat.

I am not being paid, in any shape, way or form to do this. I bought all of this with my own money and so will be pretty hard on the stuff. I’ll also be providing links to the companies as appropriate.

That being said, this stuff IS survival food, not gourmet 3 course dinners. I already know that while it provides calories, almost none of these foods will provide you the vitamins and minerals we all take for granted in our foods nowadays. To survive 2 months on these rations, you’ll need to take a multivitamin with every meal. So start hoarding those Flintstone’s vitamins!

I think that sums up everything for an intro post. If you have other questions or I forgot something glaringly obvious, please leave a comment.


Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 27%

mrmercedes At the 3% mark this past Sunday I had put this aside for a bit.

This week my brother and sisternlaw bought a house and I’ve spent some evenings over there after work helping with painting. Monday was up in the air, so I headed over to a local Barnes&Noble’s and read and took notes and drank a wonderfully delicious chai tea latte. By the 15% mark I had taken 2 pages of notes, so I decided to stop taking them, but kept on reading.



chai (Mobile)Yummy Chai!

Since I have a beard, I can say that in a “manly voice”. That makes it awesome and not at all girly.


You know, Stephen King is just one messed up fellow. Every year I am blown away by his writing and I wonder to myself “Maybe I’ll read more than one this year”. Then I come across something and I’m like “Oh yeaahhhh, THIS is why I only read one of his a year”.

The protagonist, Bill Hodges, is a great character. A retired cop with nothing to do but watch tv and drink beer and fondle his gun [literally, not the euphemistic way] and wonder if he should blow his brains out.  Then he gets a letter from Mr Mercedes and suddenly, he’s got life again. He’s got a purpose, someone to hunt down.

I was all set for a mystery thriller.

Then we meet Mr Mercedes. Some geek named Brady Hartsfield. There went my idea of “Mr Mercedes” identity being part of the mystery. And my goodness, Brady is where I had my “Oh yeaaahhh” moment. The guy lives with his alcoholic mom and there is definitely incest going on.  It is bad enough that there are messed up people like this in the real world. But it is even worse, in my opinion, that someone else, namely King, can get inside their head and bring them to life on paper. I DO NOT want to know what goes on inside King’s head.

The chapters can be short and rather herky-jerky. I never felt whiplash’y but more thought about it because I was taking notes. Part of the 2+ pages was because some of those chapters were only a couple of paragraphs. It was pretty seamlessly woven together though.

There have also been several references to some of King’s other works. At first I was thinking it was cool, but then I sat back and thought about how’d I feel if it was another author doing this. I’d call another author doing this a self-serving douchebag. So depending on whether I’m feeling grumpy or not, King is cool or a douchebag. Take your pick!

This is shaping up to be a battle of wits between Brady and Hodges. I don’t see it ending happily for anyone and I’m wondering when the supernatural part will come into play. Is Brady going to be possessed? That is my guess.

To end. My goodness, King can write. He’s drawing me in, against my will and while I’m hating him, I’m also loving what he is doing. Now that is an artist’s touch.




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The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – Kickstarter Starts Tomorrow 12Noon

32177852 So, in my last post, I just announced that The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter was going to be a kickstarter.

Today, Michael Sullivan released the details over on his blog:

Kickstarter Launch Date



Starts tomorrow, October 5th, at 12noon Easter Standard Time

He has included a graph showing all the various levels of backing and what you can get. I’m definitely going for the Hardcore Level. Love me some hardcovers!

The Early Bird specials – 20% off – are limited to 50 each. Considering how many people backed The Death of Dulgath I suspect these will go within an hour maybe two. Which means since I work out in the field, chopping down trees, that I won’t be near a computer at lunchtime to take advantage of the Early Bird. Cry me a river of blood tears!

The kickstarter ends October 26th at 8:30pm eastern standard time. I will try to do a post the day before it ends just to remind anyone, just in case.

Please visit Michael’s blog for the nitty gritty.