So, just who is this Bookstooge bloke who rudely intruded into your calm, peaceful and serene existence? You might be asking yourself this very question. I know I do.

Here are some things to know about me that might make your interactions a tiny bit easier. If you still have questions,  you can always email me:



1) I am a pretty devout Christian. Weird personal mix of Baptist and 7th Day Adventist. To over-simplify it, that means I believe in the Bible literally and I go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday. It also means that it influences what I read, how I read and how I review.


2) I am a Man. I cannot state this boldly enough or enough times. Be prepared.


3) I like Science fiction, Fantasy, Classics [1900’s and earlier] and manga. I’ll read other stuff, but not regularly. And I read a lot. Just check out my Year shelves and you’ll see how much I read.


4) I love my wife. Even more than pizza! And yes, I tell her that. And she thinks I’m ok too 😀


5) Of the 5 Love Languages, [quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch] my main one is Words of affirmation. Or just words 🙂


6) To go along with #1, I graduated from a non-accredited Bible school, so I’ve got a working man’s knowledge of how to be a Pastor, just not the actual degree. Eh, never wanted to learn Greek or Hebrew anyway!


7) I am NOT a people person. People wear me out, even online. Then I say things that later I sometimes regret. Ok, most of the time.


8) I WILL get upset at you. I will probably unfollow you at some point. Chances are that I will then re-follow you. Don’t be surprised.


9) If you disagree with something in my posts or reviews, feel free to say so; IF you want to actually have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you. You insult me or denigrate me on my own posts and you’re blocked.


10) Yes. I am touchy. Prickly might be a better word.


11) I am a land surveyor. I work outdoors year round in New England. The picture below is of me. It typifies why I like being a surveyor.



9 thoughts on “About

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  2. HII 😀 Very random comment . We did a special Valentine’s Day post and we mentioned you as our favourite bloggers 😉 https://bookidote.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/what-type-of-blogger-are-you-v-day-special/ Thank you for all the love and support we appreciate it a lot ! – Trang

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thanks! I did see that “Short & Sweet” shoutout 🙂

      And always glad to support some people who are constantly blogging. The majority of the people I follow are 1 or 2 times a week bloggers, if that. You two are in my cadre of “heavy” bloggers and keep me going to my feed each day. Keeps life interesting…


  3. […] from the last Top Spring Books came out and the winner category is… SCI-FI !! I know that Bookstoge is happy gahha. Here are the scifi books that I would want to read this spring […]


  4. Lady Luna says:

    Do you have a Goodreads?
    I love your about me 😊

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thank you.

      I do not have an account at GR. I did, until the Great Censorship debacle of ’13. Then I realized that GR had sold out and would edit, by their rules, what I could or could not say in a review. They don’t get to do that to me. So here I am online, free to write what I want about the books I read. And I don’t have to deal with immature indie authors here either. Big plus!


  5. […] in an anime phase, but I never took the time to find out what it was or anything. It’s when Bookstooge mentioned it as a favourite that I knew I had to try it out now. It’s probably much more […]

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  6. […] Bookstooge: I keep an audio book of non-fiction on my phone for when I’m driving. I listen to that instead of the radio. […]


  7. I nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award! :)https://kellynewbook.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/596/

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