The Sea Devil’s Eye DNF@18% (Threat from the Sea #3) (Forgotten Realms)


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Title: The Sea Devil’s Eye
Series: Threat from the Sea #3
Author: Mel Odom
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 356
Format: Kindle Digital edition



Abandoned, Did Not Finish.


My Thoughts: Maudlin Memories Abound

Part of why I abandoned this was because I had just finished Gardens of the Moon and I was still reveling in my first 5star read of 2017. ANY book was going to have a hard time following that. However, all the glaring faults of this Forgotten Realms trilogy were really brought into the light after staring into the previous book.

I was at a part where the main boy character [he’s 20’ish, but ‘boy’ is the best description] is being talked to by the main love interest and she’s pouring her heart out and simply asking him if he loves her. This boy has a very big “I’m not worthy” complex and he’s an introspective melancholic. In fact, he acts EXACTLY like me when I was 18-22. So my problem isn’t that he’s unbelievable, it is that he’s just plain selfish and WON’T look at anything other than how he wants to. My real life problem was solved when a professor at bibleschool answered one of my self-absorbed questions by laying into me and simply telling me the truth, in front of the whole class. I didn’t change overnight but I did begin to think about other people. In this trilogy, the boy has his professor moments but he stays self-absorbed. Maybe later in the book that changes, but after 2+ books, I was done.

A young hero needs to mature. However, if you’re only writing a trilogy, don’t drag that “grow up” point to the last chapter. It’s unpleasant for me as a reader because I have to put up with the character until then.

Nothing of the quality of this book was any less than the previous two. I’d simply had enough of the characters and the author’s wanking around.


Under Fallen Stars (Threat from the Sea #2) (Forgotten Realms)


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Title: Under Fallen Stars

Series: Threat from the Sea #2

Author: Mel Odom

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 356

Format: Kindle digital edition



Jherek continues to mope and feel bad, just about things. He does travel all over and have adventures, so at least he’s preparing to fight against the Taker. The Taker continues his rise to power and using of the Sahugin. The priestess buries her doubts about the Taker doing Sekola’s will. The old song guy gets more of the song in his head and hooks up with a peg leg dwarf [no, I am NOT kidding] and some old mystical elf. The various strands are starting to come together as each part moves closer to its final end.


My Thoughts:

This wasn’t a bad read but my goodness, Jherek and his whiny’ness got to be a bit much. It was just too true to life. Man, I’m glad I’m not a teenage boy anymore. Makes me wonder how my parents stood it.

Adventure-wise, this was a cracking good one. Sahugin and pirates invade a city, a ship battle between pirates, an attempt to capture someone in a crowded tavern. Brawls, fights and maneuvers abounded!

There were a couple of references to the downfall of the Elven empire millennia ago and it made me want to search out to see if any books dealt with that. I do know that some of the Elminster books take place during that time, but I can’t stand Ed Greenwood so I won’t be reading any by him and I don’t know if anything else was ever written. Forgotten Realms books are written about the era currently happening.


Rising Tide (Threat from the Sea #1) (Forgotten Realms)

b29c577b9be63f8c852346dbe2f1e1a8This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at Bookstooge.booklikes. by  Bookstooge’s Exalted Permission.

Title: Rising Tide

Series: Threat from the Sea

Author: Mel Odom

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 356

Format: Kindle digital edition



A young woman, a Sahugin throwback [which means she looks like a human instead of a pure Sahugin], frees an old sorcerer from his imprisonment, thinking it means he will side with her, extend her power and punish the surface dwellers for their encroachments on the sea. Little does she know that the sorcerer has his own plans and while conquest is on the menu, he plans on conquest of all.

At the same time, a young man, who is the son of an infamous pirate and with some other hidden life secret, is trying to find a life on the sea. Things just don’t ever seem to work out and he’s been hearing voices, which seem to be leading him towards a collision with the aforementioned sorcerer.


My Thoughts:

For a Mel Odom book, this was pretty good. Unfortunately, the young man is a guilt ridden, rule obsessive, completely self-centered brat. Everything, and I mean everything, must center around him. And he always puts the worst light possible on it. The young woman really isn’t much better as she is consumed with self-doubt and inadequacies because of her throwback status.

The idea of a world class sorcerer that used to hang out with gods awakening and starting a campaign of world domination never gets old. But it takes a good author to make it work. I’m not convinced that Odom can handle this.

The Night Parade (Forgotten Realms: The Harpers #4) ★☆☆☆ ½

nightparade (Custom)

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Title: The Night Parade
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers #4
Author: Scott Ciencin
Rating: 1.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 310
Format: Digital Edition



Myrmeen, ruler of a successful city, is approached by her ex-husband. He tells her that their only child never died but that he instead sold the baby girl into slavery to pay off his debts. After lopping off her ex’s head, Myrmeen calls together some of her former compatriots, who are all Harpers.

Their research leads them to the conclusion that every so many years a hideous group of supernatural beings kidnaps children for nefarious purposes and said group is known as the Night Parade. The group finds Krystin, Myrmeen’s daughter but in their rush to leave the city, things happen, people die and the Night Parade is no longer content to let them be.

The Myrmeen and Co group meet up with a vigilante who has a magical item that he uses to kill the Night Parade. They all start hunting down the badguys, For The Children, and the Night Parade hits back, hard. Harpers die left and right, betrayals happen even after death and hardly anybody is who they say they are.

Krystin was a plant to lure in Myrmeen, the Night Parade are barren creatures from another realm that they can’t return to and through the Power of Luv, Myrmeen and Krystin rack up a serious body count of all their friends and tear away the shadow hiding the Night Parade. The Night Parade is prevented from ever recruiting more members and Myrmeen finds out that her biological daughter is being raised in a neighboring kingdom as a Poet Princess. Myrmeen lets her go and sets off on living life with Krystin as her stand-in daughter.


My Thoughts:

Wow! And here I thought Red Magic bad. This is the kind of Forgotten Realms book that gives the series its b-class, sub-standard, fantasy is crap, kind of reputation.

I suspect that Ciencin was told to write for horny 13 year old boys, as there were lots of descriptions of generic cleavage and legs and beauty and desire and crap. Sadly, the rest of the writing I’m not sure that even a 13 year old boy would put up with. Maybe?

Myrmeen. Where do I even start? She doesn’t think, she reacts at all the wrong times, she doesn’t consider anyone else but herself and then the eyerolling, gag inducing saccharin sweetness of her desire to be a mom. It was done wrong and it was done lazily and it was done stupidly. It doesn’t help that she seems to be attracted to every male she comes into contact with and that every single one of them dies. Seriously, she’s worse than a black widow.

The only reason I’m not complaining about the other characters is because except for Krystin, they ALL die. That’s just laziness to me. Don’t know how to handle someone’s future? Easy, kill them off. Don’t know how to engage your readers on a gut level? Easy, kill off a trusted companion. Don’t know how to even write effectively? Easy, kill somebody.

If you stuck a gun to my head and forced me to answer the question, which was worse, this book or Bloodwalk I would be really hard pressed to know what to say. I have had a recent string of bad books in the Forgotten Realms and I have to wonder when it is going to end. This Harpers series is on life support and it’ll only take 1 more stinker to sink the ship. I just hate wasting my time on trash.

While I rated this 1/2star higher than Bloodwalk, I am giving this book the “Worst Book of the Year” tag as its Mother/Daughter thing was so badly done that I felt nauseous. Bravo! And it turns out that this is the FIRST book to ever have that dubious honor. Double Bravo!!

★☆☆☆ ½


  1. Red Magic (Book 3)
  2. Elfshadow (Book 2)
  3. The Parched Sea (Book 1)
  4. The Wizards series
  5. Threat from the Sea trilogy
  6. Return of the Archwizards trilogy


November ’08


-C. Dickens-classic
-230- Dickens’ last novel, unfinished. A young man, Edwin Drood, is affianced to a young lady who his uncle is in love with. The uncle is a scoundrel, in secret. Edwin disappears and suspicion is thrown on a young man who is also in love with the fiance. Probably the uncle though. But we will never know. It just ends, very abruptly. Drat that Dickens’ for dying! As bad that Jordan guy 😉




-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-400- Kharl the cooper saves a neighbors daughter from rape. Then he saves a young black staffer from Recluce. The man he thwarts is the son of the local lord. Kharl’s consort is killed, his sons leave him and his cooperage is taxed out of his control. He leaves, learns some about Order on his own and helps a ruler from being displaced. Gets lands and a title in another land. Probably going to be a sequel about him going back to his land and giving justice. This was the most “novel” of them to date. Not much repetition and noise words.

-T. Dekker-fiction
-347- a sequel to Showdown, of sorts. A man has been stripped of his very identity and memories and rebuilt, many times. He is an assassin. He doesn’t know when something is a test or the real thing as he is conditioned. He is sent to kill the US President but meets up with Samuel and David Abraham from Showdown. Turns out he is Johnny from Paradise and he has special powers. He comes to a showdown of his own with a fictitious character named The Englishman who has similar powers. Johnny ends up ‘believing’ and loses his normal eyesight but gains something like Ghostriders soulsear eyesight or something. Also uses 2 sentences to tie in House, which I thought was wicked cool. Pretty shallow, but I enjoyed it and would consider buying it.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-227-a galaxy spanning empire of 12 millenia is crumbling. One man, Hari Seldon, uses psychohistory to plot a course to shorten the new dark age from 30,000 years to 1000 years. To do this, he establishes 2 Foundations. This book deals with the First Foundation, a collection of scientists who embody all the collective knowledge needed to bring about the Second Galactic Empire. Follows the Foundation through the first couple of hundred years as it weathers “Seldon Crises” and becomes the nucleus of the New Empire.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-227-the Foundation comes head to head with the remnant of the First Empire and conquers it. A genetic mutant with the ability to twist peoples emotions ends up foiling the Seldon Plan and taking over the galaxy. Introduces the Second Foundation, a foundation of Mentalists. The Mule, the mutant, hunts them down to destroy them. The book ends with him being foiled by a couple who are First Foundationers.

-I. Asimov-scifi
-225- the Mule continues his hunt. Comes head to head with the Second Foundation, loses and never realizes it. After his demise, the First Foundation feels threatened and begins to try to hunt down the Second Foundation so as to be unrivaled. Through some tricky mindstuff, the Second Foundation, which is to be the true guardian of psychohistory, convinces the First Foundation that they have been destroyed. These three novels were written back in the 50’s and they are just good vintage scifi. Simple, easy and yet extremely enjoyable.

-E.R. Burroughs-scifi
-208-John Carter goes to another city to break up an assassins guild. They in turn kidnap his wife. End up going to a moon of mars and back to rescue her. Ugh. I can’t stand these anymore. I wish I hadn’t bought them. Well, I will end up finishing the series next year. Only 3 more stories to go. But I need at least 4 months between these.

-T. Brooks-fantasy
-304-Ben and Willow’s child is kidnapped by Nightshade. Nightshade uses the child’s magic against Ben before he gets a clue and realizes what is going on. Ends with everything ok and Nightshade as a crow in our world. This book had absolutely nothing interesting in it. Which is why it was the last of the Landover novels. But it was typical Brooks, so who knows why this series didn’t take off like the Shannara one.

-T. Dekker-suspense/thriller
-349- a killer is on the loose in a smalltown and seems hellbent on having 5 specific people kill each other, based on who is most ugly. It is just weird. Turns out it is all in a “game” that is testing new tech on epileptic people. But the badguy is one of the players turned bad. This was a thriller through and through. Some very vague references to universal truths, but without Christ, so it seemed like they were just kind of thrown in. I enjoyed this, knowing that things were NOT as they seemed, but having no idea how they were not 🙂 Dekker likes colors in regards to his villians names-Marsuvees Black, Barsidious White, Sterling Red in this one. Two things I didn’t care for; 1: Tied it to the Circle Trilogy world, probably in reference to his new Lost Books quaddrilogy, just too blatant. 2: It ends with them still in the game, and you never know when or if they’ll get out. Other than those 2 things, this was a fantastic page turner that just entertained the darkside of me 🙂

-L.E. Modesitt, Jr-fantasy
-494- Kharl goes back to his homecountry and ends up finding a new consort and killing off a bunch of white mages and Egen, the man responsible for killing his family and driving him from Brysta. I enjoyed this, but nothing special in any way.

-T. Zahn-scifi
-379-Compton and Bayta help a girl who is part of a group. This group is in symbiosis with a variant of the Mhodri, in an attempt for the Chahwyn to create an army of their own to fight back against the Mhodri. This was so filled with “I know that they know that I know that I will do this to…” that it was just confusing. Read the first 2 or 3 chapters, read the last 3 chapters, and your have the story in a nutshell. I enjoyed this only because I enjoyed the previous 2 books in the series. Pretty blase work though. I really hope Zahn ups his game in any forthcoming Quadrail books or I’m afraid they just won’t be worth reading.

-J. Ringo-military scifi
-366- basically take Doom and parts of Starcraft, specificall the Zerg, add in some military hardware jargon and you’ve got this book. Some rogue physicist creates some kind of gate that throws out bosun particles, which allow gates to be opened to other planets. The dreen come through one and we go through another and meet some friendly aliens. The dreen take over planets and suck them dry of resources. The dreen are zerglike, growing creatures for specific needs. Besides some profanity and some seriously over the top weapon specifications[it IS military scifi though], this was enjoyable. I plan on reading some more in this series.

-T.&L. Hickman-fantasy
-433- 3 worlds. One of men, dragons and dwarves. One of goblins and mechanical titans. One of elves, dryads, nyads, etc. One man, Galen, is taken as an “Elect”, or madman under the laws of the dragonkings. He dreams of another world. The fae world. His dreams and communications within them become real. Begins the start of humanity throwing off the chains of the dragonkings. It seems that all 3 worlds are somehow going to become one and the dreams are precursor to it. It seems that communication between worlds opens up the user to a well of “deep magic”. Plan on finishing the series.




-L. Byers-fantasy
-344-a forgotten realms novel. This series is about the drow, dark elves. The ones living beneath the earth. They worship some spider goddess, who is apparently doing something of her own and leaving them to fend for themselves. Chronicles what is happening as the ruling caste loses their power. The drow appear to be the worst kind of creature I could imagine. Elves, but with no love, no honor, nothing good. Pure ambition, even to the hurt of their own houses. I only have the first 3 books and the libraries don’t have the rest, so I don’t know if I’ll be finishing this series or not.