Currently Reading: Netochka Nezvanova

Ok, russian novels are almost all depressing as death. I’ve read enough to know that and for the most part, I’m ok with that. But this? This is more depressing that Oblomov and that’s saying a lot. Thankfully, this is an unfinished novel by Dostoyevsky, so it has to end sometime sooner than later.

29 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Netochka Nezvanova

    1. The count is at zero so far. If any pop up before the end I’ll make sure to mention it in my review though. I know the motorcycle community really relies on me to keep them informed of the latest escapades of bikers in literature….

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    1. I think the part he wrote was the first 1/3? He was trying for a 3cycle story of her life. So I”m guessing the finished version would have been 600-700 pages?
      This unfinished version clocks in around 250 pages…


  1. To quote a Pin I saw somewhere:
    “Let’s go to a party and find a wife.” – English novel
    “Let’s go to the wilderness and find ourselves.” – German novel
    “Let’s go to the depths of despair and find that there is an even deeper depth that we didn’t know about and go there.” – Russian novel

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          1. “Dostoevsky began work on the novel in 1848 and the first completed section was published at the end of 1849. Further work was prevented by the author’s arrest and exile to a Siberian detention camp for his part in the activities of the Petrashevsky Circle. After his return in 1859, Dostoevsky never resumed work on Netochka Nezvanova”

            That´s over 10 years. 10 years, camps, executions, or not, change a man.

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  2. I misspent my 20s reading Russian authors. Now I just read Chekhov’s short stories if I need a fix. He’s so funny to me, and I don’t need to spend hours in the world of gambling, Russian roulette, and other forms of dark irony.

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