July ’22 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Novels – 12 ↓

Graphic Novels – 6 ⭤

Average Rating – 3.17 ↓

Pages – 4271 ↑

Words – 1303.5K ↑

The Bad:

The Best of Lester Del Rey – 1/2star of the Worst!

Bethink Yourself – 1star DNF of war is bad, blah, blah, blah

The Good:

Pyrate Cthulhu Vol 1 – 4.5stars of awesome cosmic horror

Battlefield Earth – 5stars of nostalgia that has run its course


Muppets Most Wanted was a fantastic movie and I loved it! Enough that I’ll be buying it on bluray.

Miscellaneous Posts:


Got sick at the beginning of the month and missed the July 4th extended weekend. That was a real bummer. Going to California for a couple of days was a nice relaxer time though. Other than that, work, work, work. With the housing market still being wicked hot (despite the best efforts of certain people), my work is NOT slowing down like I thought it might. Maybe later this year in winter I’ll get a break? I can hope.

On the book side of things, my numbers were looking pretty good. My average rating went down but with the various stinkers I had I was expecting that. So all the other numbers going up was great. I like my numbers going up.

On the blog side, the numbers are all over the place and still make no sense to me. Of course, it feels like people are either taking breaks or flaming out. In all honesty, it just takes one person leaving blogging to make me feel that way, so it’s not hard to get to that place, sigh. It is not hard to mess with my head 😉

One of the big lotteries here in the US, Mega Millions, got up to over 1 Billion dollars. Talk about a boatload of cash! I obviously didn’t win. But even if I had, I certainly wouldn’t be telling all of you and shouting it out on my blog, now would I? I might be one of the world’s biggest egotists, but I’m not that stupid 😀 But it was really fun to think what it would be like to win that.

Plans for Next Month:

I got nothing. Just trying to pump those reviews out and not fall too far behind. I’ve still got like 8 reviews to write just to get caught up and every day that passes brings yet another to write. Oh, I might try for a Binstagramm post. I hear it’s the next big thing online. One post and I’ll become an Internet Celebrity. But don’t worry, I won’t forget all you little people.

27 thoughts on “July ’22 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Looking forward to your bin post! Are the numbers you reference as being all over the place traffic numbers? Mine are always steady. Low but steady. I never notice any fluctuations.

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    1. Yep, traffic. For me, I look at visitors, likes and comments. Three different metrics that are all related and give me a better idea, much like I use books, pages and words to measure my reading levels.
      The numbers themselves are always relative. I was reading on the forums and one person was complaining that they’re numbers had dropped but it didn’t bother them because “they were just a little blogger” and then they drop the bomb that their low numbers were like 200 views a day. I was thinking to myself, I WISH my numbers were that “low” 😀

      I look at them from a month to month level as well as how each month compares to the same month in years past.

      THe funny thing is, it doesn’t actually change what or how I post.


    1. 9 or 10 feet tall maybe? Once I hit 7 feet I stopped keeping track. But I started out as just a baby as tiny as anyone else. Which is I always try to remember the little people, hehehehehe….
      (half of paragraph is a complete lie, as I’m sure you can tell. Me, a baby? Phhhttttt…..)

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  2. I feel like I missed most of your July since I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to visit my usual blogs. Which is why I’m glad you do these end of the month roundups. And lol your comments about the lottery reminded me of a joke I recently heard. “I promise you, if I won the lottery, no one around me will ever be poor again… I’d move!”

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