May ’22 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Novels – 12 ⭤

Graphic Novels – 6 ⭤

Average Rating – 3.03 ⭤

Pages – 2735 ↓

Words – 817K ↓

The Bad:

The Gathering Flame – 1star read that killed the Mageworld series for me 😦

The King in Yellow Tales – 1star DNF of utter poetic insanity (and not the good kind!)

The Good:

Monster Hunter Bloodlines – 4.5stars of Cowboy Pirate Murder Ghost awesomeness!

Three – 4stars of pretty good re-read’ness


Sherlock Season One was very enjoyable to watch but it was a good thing I did a buddy watch with SavageDave. I simply couldn’t blog very well about it. Every post was a real battle to write.

A Study in Pink, The Blind Banker and The Great Game.

The Muppet’s Wizard of Oz on the other hand, well, it was so bland and boring that it made oatmeal think it was Tabasco Man! and I was practically on cruise control for writing this. Easy-peasy.

Miscellaneous Posts:


The month started off pretty good. Church was going along swimmingly, the weekends were filled with fun things (like the DOOM boardgame) and even work was going well.

While things overall went well, a couple of stress points hit me pretty hard. Nothing at all serious, just stupid things that I let mess with my head. Being an introspective introvert certainly has its downsides. I’m hoping that I’ve worked through them but I guess I’ll be finding out in the coming month :-/

The price of gas is starting to be a serious consideration now, as is the price of food. Trying to be much more “planned” in even our little trips (so no more 3 little trips to the grocery store because we feel like it) and list making for grocery shopping has become a “must” again.

Cover Love:

With all of the artwork that I’m putting up with the Magic the Gathering cards, I think I’ll be passing on this section for the rest of the year unless something REALLY stands out.

Plans for Next Month:

I am approaching word burn out. Many of my non-review posts this month were picture oriented and even the NOPE tag had me struggling and I left a bunch of the questions unanswered. To help combat that I’m going to be turning Mondays over to the MTG cards completely and moving the manga to another day. I will also be making my reviews very much of the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down variety instead of writing a lot of what I thought. I’m hoping a month of “I liked this book” or “I didn’t like this book” will help my word well to recharge.

Also, back to one Muppet movie/show a month; no more Sherlock tv series. I just can’t do multiple movie reviews regularly.