22 thoughts on “FREEDOM Friday Reblog

    1. THankfully, while not pre-2019 prices, ammo has come down.
      And that’s where investing in a Gundam really pays off in the long term. Using the electric sword makes it reusable….

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    1. Congrats!
      Looking at the pictures, it seems to remind me of a slightly smaller CZ Scorpion. Hows the weight with the barrel? Does it pull down or is balanced?


  1. It is super compact and super light because it’s mostly polymer. Hopefully I can test it out more this week with different ammo, but it’s a fun little gun and I am mostly going to be using it for target shooting because it has almost no recoil to speak of.

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    1. I keep thinking about getting a 22 just to plink around with. But then so many other things scream for my attention too 😀

      Do you have the foldable arm stock on yours or is it just the straight pistol?


        1. I was talking with my sister about this gun yesterday and she agreed with you about how fun it is.

          So I guess my only question is, can you hold your sword in your teeth and shoot this, all the while swinging from a rope? I’ve been reading One Piece and so am feeling rather pirate’y 😀


            1. Bummer. Because let me tell you, that would have been a wicked cool avatar!

              She doesn’t own it. She’s on the swat team for one of the big cities in GA and so she’s constantly checking out guns for her job. Plus, she really LIKES guns as a hobby too. So whenever I hear/see a gun chances are pretty good she’s tested it.

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