Currently Reading & Quote: Monster Hunter Bloodlines

Julie woke me up by opening our bedroom curtains. Photons flew over and punched me in the eyelids.

I groaned. “Ugh . . . What time is it?”

“Time for you to get up. It’s almost noon and apparently we’ve got a busy day.” My wife sounded chipper. “Or night, I guess. Since apparently you guys decided to invite some sort of murderous ghost to the compound for some inexplicable reason.”

Squinting, I sat up in bed and shielded my eyes. “He’s kind of a cowboy pirate murder ghost. I would have told you all about it when I came in, but I didn’t want to wake you.”
~Chapter 14

Did you read that?!? Cowboy Pirate Murder Ghost?!?!? You know a story is awesome when it has a Cowboy Pirate Murder Ghost in it!

27 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Quote: Monster Hunter Bloodlines

        1. Well, I”m not sure I’d call photons strangers. Unless you’re a vampire. Are you a vampire? Is that why you don’t know what photons are? I always assumed you took your bins out during the day….

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          1. Depending on the time of year the sun might not be up yet when the bins go out. Since photons can lead to skin cancer I think it’s best everyone adopt the vampire lifestyle.

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            1. Well, if the main character had been taking his bins out at night, per your suggestion, maybe the photons were just over exuberant to see him? I’ve known dogs who will run people over they’re so happy to see them…


    1. Yep, ol’ Shakes could learn a thing or two from Correia 😉

      No, sadly, that’s just a plain old vanilla succubus. I WISH the Cowboy Pirate Murder Ghost had gotten the cover limelight.


    1. Just to make sure, you are referencing the Monster Hunter International books, not any of the (theoretical, since I don’t know) Monster Hunter books based on the videogames?
      Because Bloodlines is the title. Just like the previous MHI book was titled Monster Hunter Guardian, or Monster Hunter Siege.


      1. You are correct, I meant MHI! I have only read up to the first few books and I know he also put out a couple other spinoffs (monster hunter files? Monster hunter memoirs? Or something) so I got confused when I didn’t recognize Bloodlines. Apparently it’s the 8th book and counting, wow I’ve been totally out of the loop.

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        1. Ok, here’s primer:
          MHI has 8 or 9 books in the main series
          There are 3 books in the MHI Memoirs which is co-authored.
          Then you have Monster hunter files, which is an anthology of MHI short stories by various authors that Correia tapped.

          Not great literature but I have a blast every time I read one 😀


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