A Study in Pink (Sherlock TV 2010)

This is the first episode of the Sherlock tv series that premiered in 2010 starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It’s a modern retelling that was a rather large success. I am doing a watch-a-long with Dave and we watched this and had a couple of questions for the other. Here are Dave’s questions to me that I’ll answer. A link to his post is at the end below.

1) Did you like the over all feel of the opening episode?

Yes I did. I really enjoyed this modern retelling. The updated forensics and technology was handled well and as far as tv goes, didn’t offend any sense of reality that I had.

2) What do you feel about the portrayal of The Holmes brothers?

The portrayal was fantastic. I really enjoyed how the producers made it look like Mycroft was actually Holmes’ “nemesis”, getting our expectations all set for some Moriarty action. Making Mycroft a government stooge, albeit an extremely smart and powerful one, seemed much more in tune with today’s culture than him hanging out in a gentlemens club like in Doyle’s stories.

3) Do you think or remember Watson having a brother or a sister in the books?

I don’t. It was one of those “liberties” that the producers took that didn’t really bother me. It really felt more of a setup to give Holmes and Watson a bonding moment, to cement their friendship. Considering that Watson’s family wasn’t again outside of that specific moment made it feel as shallow as it was. Of course, I could be wrong and Watson has a HUGE family that we’re introduced to in later books :-/

4) What do you think about the chemistry between holmes and watson? You can list good and bad traits if you feel like it.

I thought Cumberbatch and Freeman worked excellently off of each other. They exhibited characteristics of Holmes and Watson that MADE them those characters. Now that I’ve seen them, I can not imagine anyone else playing them. I am not familiar with older incarnations of TV Sherlock, so I have no attachments to other actors. That helps a lot. I did find Watson a bit too “polite” for me. He’s not spineless, as how he handled the mad cabbie shows that. Holmes’ disdain for the police smacked of modern elitism, unlike the books by Doyle. I did find the joking about male friendship as nothing more than hidden homo-eroticism got stale and tired very quickly. It made me wonder if the producers had ever had any close male friends or if they were just pathetic lonely men?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this watch. I am VERY glad that Dave had these questions because I was really struggling to write something about this tv show. I expected to write something up as easily as I did for the Muppet Show or Fragglerock but nope, I tried about 6 times to get started and it wasn’t until I had these questions that the writing seemed to happen. Made me wonder how some people can write up movie reviews every day?

34 thoughts on “A Study in Pink (Sherlock TV 2010)

  1. Hi there,

    about the third question: I remember a similar scene in one of the stories, but with a pocket watch instead of a smartphone (of course). But I am not sure if this pocket watch was from his brother. It might also have been from his father.

    ~ Misaki

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    1. Ahhhh, yes, I think that happens in another book, the Sign of Four. Now I’m wondering how many other tidbits they stuffed in from stories I haven’t read yet? Probably a lot is my guess 😉


      1. I guess so, I noticed pretty much when I watched the series. But I guess I missed most of the references, even if I read all of the stories… ^^

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  2. I was watching this this week as well when I heard you were doing int. Quite enjoyed it, but mainly because of the way the leads played together. Liked the updating and was thanking the heavens that Sherlock was just a total jerk and not presented as being on the spectrum (because everyone in movie and TV land knows that being autistic is a superpower). The actual nuts and bolts of the mysteries in the series aren’t all that good though.

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    1. Yeah, Cumberbatch and Freeman are absolutely perfect aren’t they?

      I’ve never thought he was autistic from what I read in the books before and from A Study in Scarlet he wasn’t a jerk, so it was quite a different perspective to see him played that way.

      I’ve come to realize that I don’t care for the nuts and bolts of mysteries. So if it’s shoddy work, it passes right over my head 😀


    1. Well, if you know that BBC stuff just doesn’t work for you, listen to your gut 🙂
      There’s no worse feeling, as far as I’m concerned, then thinking you won’t like something, then being persuaded by somebody else to try it anyway, and as you’re perusing it realizing your original feeling was right after all…

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  3. The first season of the BBC Sherlock was almost great: it provided a fairly solid reason for a Sherlock-type consultant to exist in a world with, y’know, modern forensics, and also had a great actor who sold him on being a societally-acceptable abrasive loner, and it has some neat scenes.

    My analysis of why it fell off a cliff in subsequent seasons is that Moffat was just way, way wayyyyyyyy to impressed with his own nonexistent intelligence and by episode 3 lost touch with the things that actually made his adaptation work–or forgot that he was adapting someone else’s work entirely.

    I did really like S1 eps 1 and 2, though. Are you planning on watching all four (four?) seasons? I am agog with anticipation…. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the input. I’ll keep that in mind if I end up watching more seasons.

      Dave and I were just planning on the first season together and see how it went from there. Considering how hard this post was to write, I’m not encouraged about blogging about any seasons after this.

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  4. It’s been a few years since I watched this show – and I still have not gotten to Season 4 as well – so details have become a little foggy, and reading your post made me think of a rewatch which should be easy since it’s all on Prime Video. Looking forward to your next reviews 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed the early seasons but soured on the last ones 😉 Looks like the producers were running out of ideas 😉 But the first couple were great and I’m glad you’re enjoying them too!

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  6. I never did watch this series though I thought Cumberbatch seemed like a great pick to play Holmes. I don’t think I realized it took place in modern times, that’s interesting. I recall watching a few episodes of some other Sherlock Holmes series long ago, perhaps on PBS, and really enjoying it. It had a great actor playing Holmes, though I don’t know their name. Glad to see you enjoyed this one.

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    1. Holmes has been an inspiration for several generations of movie/tv watchers, We will have to see if Holmes makes the jump yet again in another 10-15 years 🙂

      THanks. I really did enjoy watching it. It was just the writing part I totally struggled with. I’m not used to that…


  7. And then we all look at Film-Authority and understand why there’s “Authority” in that name… 😛 Glad you enjoyed this though. I thoroughly enjoyed this take on Holmes and Watson and hoped it would survive longer (the whole franchise). Maybe a couple surprise episodes later down the line would be pretty cool!

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    1. Yeah, he’s the movie guru as far as I’m concerned. Even if he convinces me to not watch 99% of the stuff out there. I was already going to not watch it, so now I have a valid excuse, hahahaa.

      Can’t rule a whole season review. I might try that this fall or something. Depends on how the muppet watch continues…

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