Sector Thirteen ★★★☆☆

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Title: Sector Thirteen
Series: WH40K: Ciaphas Cain #0.6
Authors: Sandy Mitchell
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF Short Story
Pages: 20
Words: 9K


Ciaphas Cain battles alongside the planet’s custodians against the tyranid foe on the agri-world of Keffia.

Picking up what seems to be the relatively light duty of reprimanding a tavern/brothel where several of his men became drunk and disorderly, Cain is unpleasantly surprised to find that the place is actually the central nest for a Genestealer infestation. Awakening the mob of infected, Cain and company retreat to the local enforcers headquarters where they hole up under assault from the horde who manages to break in. Retreating upstairs and eventually to the rooftop, Jurgen spots re-inforcements in the form of Cadians arriving and driving off the Genestealer horde. Later at a ball, Cain’s reputatation is enhanced further by Divas who states that if Cain had not uncovered the infestation in the brothel then every regiment would eventually be infested and the war lost.

My Thoughts:

Cain once again runs away like a coward and ends up saving millions of lives and being the living embodiment of a Hero of the Imperium. Not sure what that title actually gets him though.

This was a little short story and I must say, reading one short story really hit the spot. Pick it up, 30 minutes later I’m done and yet I’ve still got a complete story under my belt. There’s a reason why the short story has survived the Sandersonization of the SFF world.

I’m happy with the time I spent here.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

14 thoughts on “Sector Thirteen ★★★☆☆

    1. All of these short stories about cain had the same cover with the title changed. Eventually they collected them all into an anthology, but since the stories cover quite a bit of chronological time, I’m trying to read them between the novels. I’m not sure i’ll be doing it again…

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    1. Not really. I tend to stick to the ground pounder action and that obviates the greater beings so far. Even the people I follow who are into WH40K haven’t really mentioned them…

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    1. Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson have a lot to answer for, that is for sure.

      Without them, I think the bloat we see in SFF today could have been staved off another 15, maybe even 20 years :-/


      1. Oh, I love it. It’s not just the length, it’s also sanitization, too – weirdly stunted and teenage-y relationships, no character development, but severed heads flying left and right!

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