The Nightmare Before Christmas Tag

I couldn’t find an actual Christmas Tag on my list of 100 Tags so this had to do. I probably could have searched for one, but who wants to do work for a tag post? Not me! If you don’t know anything about the animated movie, here’s the wiki link: Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sally – A book with a character who loves someone so much and actually gets them in the end

Captain Wentworth in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. He never stopped loving Anne and his second foray onto the field of romantic battle was successful. Go get’em tiger!

Jack Skelliington – A book with a character who longs for more

Sebastian Nightingale Cain in Mike Resnick’s Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future. He starts out as a bounty hunter going after the infamous Santiago, only to realize just what Santiago stands for and ends up taking on Santiago’s legacy to continue The Good Work.

Zero – a book with a loyal sidekick

Wayne in Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. He’s right there by Wax’s side, ready to cover his back if a fight, allomantic or otherwise, starts to get intense.

Oogie Boogie – A book with a wicked villain

Light Yagami from the manga Death Note by Ohba & Obata. Light starts out as wanting Justice on a world wide level but quickly descends into megalomania with the power of the Death Note at his command. Throughout the series his coldblooded manipulation and murder of anyone around him is truly horrifying.

Halloween Town – A book with a weird or creepy theme

The entire Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. Vampires at their evilest and ruling another world and trying to take over ours. And we’re not talking sparkly or even good looking vampires. These things are sluglike and bond with your nervous system, ughhhhhhh…..

Christmas Town – a book that left you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside

The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett. Read it almost a decade ago and I still remember how wonderfully delightful this story was.

39 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Christmas Tag

            1. Oh wow, a vampire virgin!
              I have read both. I loved Dracula and judge all other vampire books/ideas by it. As long as you take into account when it was written (1897) and expect the pace.
              Salem’s Lot was much more of an indirect vampire book. You don’t get the same confrontational style that you get in Dracula. But it is classic King, so lots of dread and atmosphere.

              Once you have read those 2 and if you want to continue, let me know and I’ll let you borrow the first few Necroscope books.

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                1. No need to be ashamed at all. It’s just unusual for a SFF reader is all.
                  to MY shame, I’ve also read Twilight and the next book. I heartily recommend avoiding that series though :-/


    1. I think Bruce Springsteen was in secret training by Mao Zedong (or however it’s being spelled nowadays) when he read it and the drugs and brainwashing inspired him to write his song.


  1. You read the Death Note books? Ive been watching the Anime Series on Netflix on and off. Light is an A class psyco… Necroscope looks like something I’d be interested in sinking my teeth into.

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    1. From the few episodes that I watched, the anime was pretty faithful to the manga. I think they had to cut out a bunch of stuff to keep it to one season, but if you liked the anime, you’ll probably like the manga as well. And I agree, Light is such a psycho that it makes me shudder.

      Want to borrow a copy of the first few books? Or do you have too many as is?

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    1. Nice! You should definitely get more before somebody else takes it all 🙂

      Thank you. sometimes a tag goes hard and sometimes it goes easy and sometimes it goes fun. Thankfully, this was an easy fun one! 😀

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        1. Hahahahaa, no judging for this matter. I actually watched Corpse Bride first and when I found I liked the animated claymation style of it, went back and watched Nightmare. The story is fair to middling at best, so if you don’t like Burton, then I wouldn’t recommend it. I loved his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though, so that might help guide you.

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    1. On a separate note here….
      Do you go through my back archives? For the past month or two I’ve had someone with a canadian IP going through 10-20 of my old posts almost every single day. I asked Alex and Lashaaan (both regular commentors here) if it was them and it’s not.
      I’m just curious because like I said, it’s been really steady and I don’t believe it is a bot because WP is pretty good about weeding out bot traffic.

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      1. No, it’s not me. Haven’t you had a blog stalker before? I had one person from India who looked at one post every single day at least once. The same post. Then I’ve had someone else from the U.S. who used to be on my blog every day looking at various posts over and over again multiple times per day. I even have someone who was driving close to where I live everyday for two years and looking at my posts (I’m pretty sure I know who it was) There are weirdos out there absolutely. Or perhaps it’s just someone who is fascinated with your writing, lol!

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        1. Ok, thanks. I was concerned it wasn’t you. Oh well. Honestly, as long as they aren’t bothering me, they can look at my posts all they want. It is just really odd behavior, is all.

          If things ever got to the real life side of things, I suspect it wouldn’t end well. Which is why I’m fine if it’s someone from Canada 😀

          Weirdos indeed….

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          1. One nice thing about having a self-hosted blog is that I can look through Wordfence and see exactly what country, city and location (IP address) people are coming onto my blog from. If I click it, it gives me a Google Map and I can locate the cell tower their signal is bouncing off of. So if I ever have to contact the police, it makes it very easy for them. 👮‍♂️

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            1. I’d be tempted, except almost every other self-hosted wp blog has comment issues and that’s what is most important to me.
              And those who do get it right seem to have to fight an up hill battle to make it work.

              So I’m glad you got it right. Don’t know if it was luck or hard work 😀


  2. I’ve never seen Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it also heartwarming? All I’ve read on your list is Persuasion. I should read The Secret Garden, especially since I forced my son to read it in the sixth grade. (Well, I paid him).

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    1. I really wouldn’t call it heartwarming, per se. maybe in an extremely odd way? I’ll watch Corpse Bride before I re-watch Nightmare though.

      I wonder what you would think of Secret Garden? You’d have a very different view from a kid, that’s for sure.


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