Good News Everyone!

At least, if you’re a fan of The Checquy Files by Daniel O’Malley.

The Blitz

Book 3 of The Checquy Files now has a title and release date. Much like a child though, you’re going to have to wait a good bit. This little sucker isn’t due until October 2022 but it is coming!

34 thoughts on “Good News Everyone!

    1. The wait is the easy part. since I don’t read series until they’re finished now (for the most part), I’ve gotten used to waiting years before plunging into something.
      The bigger issue is going to be remembering that it is coming out when it does. I’ll have set myself a reminder on my google calendar or something 🙂


              1. No can do sorry.
                Some day in the future when the world worships the WP4 as the ultra-entities that we are, they can point back to your comment say “See, they had flaws. Look at what Fraggle did in 2021”. So you’re giving hope to future generations by being human, hahahahahaa 😀

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    1. From the sounds of it, it doesn’t use the same set of characters from either The Rook or Stiletto, so I’m wondering if it could be read as a standalone. I know Stiletto barely used characters from The Rook, so that might be the authors modus operandi….

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    1. From everything the author has said publicly, previously, The Rook was supposed to be a standalone novel that he was never going to return to. Stiletto was “because the publishers talked him into it but this is the final book in this unverise, period”.
      So I’m guessing they offered him a lot of money :-/

      Whatever the reason, I’m ok as long as it means I get another good book 🙂

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    1. As long as you keep in mind that it’s not about Myffany (however you spell her stupid name), then I suspect it’ll be ok. It took me a bit to realize that with Stiletto and to let the fact that this is called The Checqey Files and not the Myffany Files for a reason.

      But the Rook is definitely better than Stiletto….

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    1. That is the thing, the author claimed left and right that this wasn’t a series and that each book “was the last one I’m writing”.
      I’m guessing piles of money are involved….


  1. I have mixed feelings. Rook was awesome – I’ve re-read it a number of times. Stiletto was ok. Hopefully this third one will be awesome too 🙂

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