Way back when, many moons ago, I went DotCom to get rid of the ads on my site and to see if the ego boost was worth it. Sadly, I had so many unsolved problems with following myself and some other people that I gave up. It only took me Six Months to Decide to Un-Dotcom 😦

I’d heard about Site Scalpers, jackasses who buy up recently unused site names and jack the price up for those idiots who have remorse and want their site back. Well, I kept an eye out to see if any jackasses did that to Of course they did, because they’re jackasses. When I first checked was being offered for $3,000. what a bunch of idiots. Over the months it has steadily dropped until recently it was available for just under $700. What a deal, eh? I just had to roll my eyes. What do these jackasses take me for, some jamoke right off the turnip truck?

Anyway, that’s pretty much the end. I just needed to get some words out and I found this whole situation amusing. Kind of. Because I hate speculators and I’d gladly take Jimbo the Desperado’s hatchet to appropriate parts of their anatomy, virtual or otherwise.

Jimbo says “Just say no to jackasses

33 thoughts on “Remember

    1. Well, then today is your day. Because at only 700, you’re getting a real bargain!
      I’ll probably keep an eye on it to see what happens to the price over the next 6months or so 🙂


    1. The thing is, for it to have gone to 3K right at the beginning means that the company who bought the domain had done that before and gotten that kind of money. Or they wouldn’t have been asking it in the first place. Which unless you are a business, why would anyone pay 3K for a domain name, that they just cancelled?
      It boggles the mind….

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        1. One of my most shameful moments as a kid was manipulating a friend into giving me a toy and then trading it back to him for a better one that he had.
          needless to say, I got a spanking out of that deal.

          If they had bought it right after I let it go I could see some idiot having canceller’s remorse. But this didn’t happen for a month or 3 until after. Obviously my old stats must have super impressed them :-/

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    1. Yep, I am quite content to be a vehicle for WordPress’s horrible self-promotion. I have not had one problem since going back to the free plan. Isn’t that ironic?

      I’d heard about the scalpers because I hang out in the wp forum where people come for help. Read there for a week or two and you’d NEVER let your site go unless you absolutely really didn’t want it.

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    1. Thankfully, the free dotwordpress sites can’t be bought up, but they can’t be re-used either. I’ve seen so many people on the forum complaining like little girls because they deleted their site in fit of some sort or another and now they want it back. And they can’t get it. Makes me laugh.

      This though. It just disgusts me. you can buy a dotcom domain for something like $20, so to mark it up that much means they are counting on the former owner to want it back. Well, they just wasted $20 then 😀

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  1. In the past, this kind of news would’ve surprised me. Maybe I’ve become too cynical or too used to living in Clown World TM. It makes you wonder how many people actually fall for this rip off scheme!🤡 Glad to hear your site is running fine now you’ve gone back to the free plan. But what does that say about WordPress as a business?

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  2. I’m flabbergasted at the price!
    I brought my domain for $15 for two years! Less than a tenner in real money!!
    $3000 is absolutely mental, you’d have to be off your rocker to pay that much. Domains are next to meaningless in to world of social media and linking and all that networking malarky!

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  3. Yeah I’ve heard of that happening, and in many cases I think these hijacked sites get turned into, uh, porn sites? Explains why every so often, some dead blog will show up again on my feedly, full of unmentionable content, and now I guess I know why.

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    1. For a while bookstooge was leading to amazon. I guess they were trying to get ad money? But now it appears to be completely dead. Which is fine by me 😀

      With that kind of thing happening, do you ever clear house for those you follow?


      1. I don’t usually clean up my following list, but when that happens I absolutely remove them because it’s a clear sign they probably won’t be returning to blogging if they hadn’t switched sites already. Sometimes I don’t even realize a blogger hasn’t posted in a while until something like this, because bloggers have come and gone over the years and my list is long and it’s hard to keep track.

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        1. It is hard to keep track. That is one feature I do enjoy about the list that WP holds for the people I follow. It tells me the last time they posted.
          It’s also why I try to keep that number under 50….


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