October ’21 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Books – 16 ↓

Average Rating – 3,13 ↓

Pages – 3556 ↓

Words – 744K ↓

The Bad:

Frightful’s Mountain – 1.5stars of screed

Exodus: Empires at War, Part II – 2.5stars of utter mediocrity not worth continuing

The Good:

The Aunt Paradox – 4stars of pure fun

Anti-social Register – 4stars of Hitchcockian crime fiction!


Muppets Tonight Season 1 was good but not the same level as the original Muppet Show.

Miscellaneous Posts:


What do I say? My reading was down on all levels. I read less books, less pages and didn’t read as many good ones as last month. It was a busy month. Looking at our paper wall calendar, every weekend was full and the week evenings had stuff going on way more than I was comfortable with. Helping out with sunday school, singing with the worship team, going to a 45th anniversary wedding, celebrating our last CousinsGiving (Thanksgiving in October among us cousins before we all go our separate way), some serious downsizing (got rid of over 500 books and close to 10 bookcases) plus other stuff. I was so busy that I actually forgot to write the Project X posts for the month. That omission alone is enough for me to realize that I’m overextended at the moment.

Mrs B transitioned over to the night shift for the Holiday season 2 weeks earlier than last year, so she’s busy as well.

Our move to Georgia is definitely moving forward unless something comes up unexpectedly. That’s part of why we’re downsizing. We’re cutting back on our responsibilities and are talking with a realtor at church. The reality of the situation is really starting to hit me and I’m staving off panicking about it. I just have to get to January 15th and then I’ll be done with work so I can deal with everything else. Mrs B has to keep on working until we leave because of health insurance reasons.

Tired. Overworked. No change to either of those in the foreseeable future.

Plans for Next Month:

Even less reading than in October. I think. We’ll see though.

Inquisitor Jenn created a new avatar for me and if you didn’t see her post showcasing it, no worries because I’m going to start using it tomorrow.

59 thoughts on “October ’21 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Wow man, here I was thinking I had lots on my plate. You’ll be in my thoughts man, I have a lot of posts I have to read back on. You guys are mving an 500 Books sounds like an insane amount.

    Exited to see the new avatar. Jenn does some amazing work.

    Take care.

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    1. Thanks Dave.
      Yeah, we’re pretty much down to working and going to church and that is about it. Everything other activity has to be weighed if it’s worth it or not.

      Thankfully, the guy who bought all those books did the moving. I specifically mentioned that in the ad because there was no way I wanted to move that many books down 3 flights of stairs.

      She does some great work indeed. It was quite the interesting process.

      Thanks 🙂

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        1. I did think about it, but Mrs B and I were packing the books into boxes and the buyer was hauling them away as fast as he could. So there wasn’t even time to pile up all the boxes and take a pix of them.
          We hadn’t pre-packed them because he had wanted to see what he was buying.

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          1. No worries then. Did you have or put up a post somewhere about that you guys were moving? I cant recal reading about it, or was this post the first mention of clearing some things away in preparation? Sorry for all the questions, I have been away too long…

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            1. No, no post. Just comments here and there. So this was the first time I mentioned it in a post. At some point after the move, I’ll probably do a write up. But since things are kind of still up in the air I’m holding off writing too much.

              And question away, I like the comments 😀

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              1. If there is anything we can do to help, lets us know yeah? I have no idea about the places where you live and where you plan on going so I cannot comment on that. Apart from that I know there was a counrty song or something that mentioned the devil going down to Georgia and having a fiddle battle with a legend as well as getting his ass kicked. Exiting times as well as stressful I can imagine. I have moved quite a lot in my life so I know a thing or two about what can happen in the stress department.

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                  1. Was quite a stressful time back then, but I am in a good place now in a country where I can actually make a living and whic is still relatively safe to raise children (when we eventually get that far). 10000 km from where I grew up tho. But I now have the means to at least go and visit when I miss my family too much hoping that this pandemic will be sorted out soon at least.

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  2. Having passed on over 500 books (10 book cases, wow!) about how many do you think you’ll keep for the move? Books get so heavy when moving, they can be a real hassle. And yet, they are something we enjoy. I’ve been slowly trying to get ebook versions of most of my paper books in anticipation of one day possibly having to move and not wanting to take them all along. I don’t look forward to that, and maybe it’ll never happen, but I’d rather be ready. I hope you get at least a few moments of peace throughout the next month.

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    1. We probably got rid of about half our collection? There might be some fine tuning, but what we have left are books we really don’t want to get rid of.
      Thankfully, the bookcases we have left are the smaller 3ft high ones and not the 7ft ones. I suspect we’ll use a moving service, as I simply don’t want to deal with moving things ourselves.

      I have been trying to get my ebook collection in order, but it is so scattershot at the moment that half the time I don’t even know what I have in ebook form 🙂

      Thanks. Any chance for some peace is going to be appreciated in the coming months.


        1. We looked at the books that we never planned on re-reading and no emotional connections to.
          Then I looked at books that I would only ever re-read as ebooks and got rid of all the paper copies.
          It was pretty hard to be honest. I had a nice collection of hardcover Eternal Warrior books by Michael Moorcock (Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon and Count Brass) but I was never going to read the paper copies again, so why hold onto them?

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  3. Cousinsgiving! I love it! Maybe I should try to organize one now that I am near far more of my cousins (and my wife’s cousins). On Saturday, I went to my first biggish family gathering that wasn’t a funeral since moving back. It was nice.

    Although our October was way overbooked as well. I can’t complain, though.

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    1. It started out as Friendsgiving but was slowly whittled down to cousins only as people got married or, more often, moved away. And now we all are going our separate ways too. The great cycle of the modern family I guess.

      I hope you can start a new tradition. Those can always be fun 🙂

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  4. Nice avatar! 😀
    Man, this sucks – but I’m sure you two will make this work like a charm, and once you get to Georgia things will quieten down. So, fingers crossed it will all go smoothly for you!

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    1. Thanks. I suspect once things start to move, for our move, it will happen quick. The housing market is on fire at the moment as is the job market, so our biggest problem is probably going to be finding a place to buy down there. That’s a good problem to have 😀

      Thanks. I just needed a controllable change, hahahahaa…

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  5. Tired and overworked is how I feel too, and my reading’s been down as well. Good luck on your upcoming move! I might have missed it when you first announced it, but it’s a happy thing I take it? I’ve been trying to declutter my books as well, I’m not sure if I’m at 500 books unloaded yet, but I hope to get there! Found a book donation box near me recently, but it gets full fast, so I’m just bringing a few dozen at a time and it’s going to take a while!

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    1. I have not made an “official” post about the move. Just a lot of stuff said in various comments here and elsewhere. It’s going to happen to be closer to my folks and to get away from working in the snow in New England winters.

      Before we had sold that batch, we’d given away/donated about 200, so we’re really cutting. And we still have too many left, hahahaaha 😀

      Good luck. Slow and stead wins that race….


  6. A couple of questions:

    Why is 15 january a deadline?

    Do you already have a new job in Georgia (I´m guessing no from the comments above)?

    Why the move anyway? What´ll be the decisive factor if it´s not locked in yet? Do I remember correctly you´ll be closer to family?

    Is there symbolism/meaning behind your old and new avatars?

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    1. 1) Because I’m giving my 2 week notice right after new years. Clean cut, symbolic, all that good stuff 😉

      2) No. But I started actively looking this weekend and will spend each weekend on Indeed.com

      3) My parents are getting older and will need help in the coming years. Also my sister is down there and pretty close to them, so being nearer to her and her little household is a plus. And I’m sick to death of working in 2ft of snow for 5months out of the year 😀

      4) Not really. The first avatar is from an old computer game (a first person shooter called Heretic, a fantasy version of Doom) that someone created updated graphics for. It was a dark monk and it fit what I wanted to present to the world at the time. The new one keeps the same “idea” but is different enough to satisfy that craving for change. Wouldn’t surprise me if at some point I go back to the original avatar and mix and match over the years. Or create a third new one altogether 😀

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      1. Okay, thanks for clearing all that up. Good luck with the move, it should bring a few important improvements in life quality from what you write. And hopefully you’ll end up in a workplace with better middle management 🙂

        I notice the image next to your site in a browser tab is still your old avatar btw.

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        1. I hope so too. I couldn’t deal with another company like this one :-/

          Where are you seeing this old avatar? I can’t quite figure out what you mean from your description.


          1. I´m even seeing it here next to your name above the comment (using the mobile wp app atm). The other place is if you open your blog on a pc browser, it gets displayed right next to your blog´s name on the heading of the tab page.

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            1. Ok, I “think” it might have something to do with my google account being linked to my wordpress account. I just changed the google photo. They said it could take a day to propagate.
              Let me know if it still shows the old picture in a couple of days and I’ll do some more digging.


            2. Ok, found it. It was yet ANOTHER flipping wordpress setting. Blast them to barnacles. It was under the settings/general area.

              What a bunch of flipping flippers!

              Thanks for pointing it out though. Who knew changing an avatar could be such a bloody process….

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  7. This season is always busy. Everything’s stacked in Oct-Dec. Anyway, I feel your stress from afar because my family will be making some big changes as well, though probably not as soon. Blessings to you as you and your family as you go through the next few months.

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  8. Well, talk about overextended and not being able to get to things one would like (like reading friend’s blog posts!), I didn’t know that you are moving to Georgia?!! I read the comment above so I know why but that’s a BIG change, isn’t it? All the best and I hope you don’t miss your present home too much.

    Well, even if your book quantity is less for next month, I hope the quality increases. All the best in your new adventure!

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    1. When we took our vacation last year down to GA it was a test run to see if I could stand the heat. I was surprised at how well I fared, so it’s been in the back our minds since then. I’d say since July that we’ve been planning on it for real for the first part of ’22 and now things are starting to get serious, ie, I’m already planning on when I’ll give my notice at my current job.

      Speaking of too busy….
      are you back in the blogging game again or are you just dipping your toes in (ie, will months go by where you disappear?)

      Thanks. I hope I read some good books this month. I sure could use it 😀

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      1. Well, I fully intend to read and post more but it depends on life at this point. Everything is still in flux and may get more fluxxy which might give me either more time to read or less. Clear as mud, isn’t it? In any case, I probably owe you a clarifying email as there has been LOTS going on.

        I’m excited that you and Mrs. B get to experience an exciting change. No more 2 ft of snow is certainly something to celebrate!

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        1. Honestly, the thought of no more snow is what I am looking forward to the most. I don’t know what happened, but once I got past 40 things like that bothered me more.

          I was asking because I was trying to decide if I’d follow your site again. Right now I’m just clicking over when you like/comment here and I peruse the new stuff. As mercenary as it sounds, once people stop posting even once a month 99% of the time I never see them again 😦
          So far, you’re an exception to the rule 😀

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          1. Oh my! You don’t know, but I’m the exception to the rule in SO many ways, lol!

            I have no intention of quitting book blogging (it’s one of the joys in life) but I do have numerous demands on my time that weren’t there 3 years ago. But as Dr. Seuss says, life is just a great balancing act. Sometimes I balance well and sometimes I do not.

            I guess you can say that I’m not gotten rid of so easily! 😆

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    1. You know what is ironic? In the last 2 years work has been horrible overall in one way or another. So of course, now that I’m mentally preparing to leave, the last couple of weeks have been some of the best, at least in terms of middle management not being jackasses :-/

      Thank you. Some sort of change was needed 😀

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