Crossing Over (Spawn #10) ★★★★☆

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Title: Crossing Over
Series: Spawn #10
Author: Todd McFarlane
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comic
Pages: 25
Words: 1K



When Spawn tries to examine Angela’s abandoned lance, it transports him into a realm beyond his wildest imaginings. While in this strange world, Spawn encounters imprisoned heroes, faces a mockery of Blind Justice in the form of the Violator, and glimpses a dreamlike scenario of happiness for him, Wanda and Cyan.

He witness captured heroes who plead to take their power. They reach out from a prison with men tied and bound with rope and burlap sacks covering their faces. Cerebus explains these are comic creators who have sold the rights to their creations and they are now held powerless.

My Thoughts:

Wow, this was as subtle as a concrete baseball bat made of dynamite smacking you upside the head. This must have been done during the Death and Return of Superman because Supes plays a big part in talking on behalf of the trapped heroes.

While on one level it felt like a real waste of an issue, at the same time it was pretty much the only way McFarlane could tell the world how he felt about the corporate policies of both DC and Marvel and why he had rejected them. Authors gave up control of their creations to the Company and got money in return but at the cost of their hearts and souls. McFarlane makes it clear he can do whatever he wants with Spawn because Spawn is HIS and nobody else’s. As much as I tend to despise McFarlane, I do applaud his stance on this issue and am glad he apparently made it work.

So the four stars is more for the Moxie attitude than for any actual content, because there wasn’t any :-/

Rating: 4 out of 5.

40 thoughts on “Crossing Over (Spawn #10) ★★★★☆

  1. A lot of creators of serial heroes like to dip their toes in this sort of metafiction. I just read Maigret’s Memoirs this past week and it’s driven by the same sort of turn toward reflection. Nothing wrong with a bit of it for a change of pace.

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    1. The only problem with a change of pace is that so far the main story hasn’t really gone anywhere so a change of pace isn’t necessarily a good thing if a fan was feeling impatient.

      On the other hand, this was the highest rated volume yet! 😀


        1. Well, it’s been so long since I tried it once in my teens that I don’t actually remember. I just have this memory of an overbearing taste that wasn’t pleasant. I’d like to try it again some day but not by buying a whole 2 litre of it :-/

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            1. I can’t throw food or drink away. That’s just wrong. So if I buy a 2litre, I’ll be drinking a two litre. You want to drink 2 litres of something you hate? I won’t take that chance.

              I’ll remember that 🙂


                    1. I’ve never had mulled wine, so I’ll take your word for it. For the most part, I do like most flavored cola’s.
                      If I can find a small bottle of moxie I might try it just to refresh my aging memory.

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    1. I really don’t know how long this will last. I’m not optimistic though, just because I’m getting bored. Give me something concrete for the overall storyline instead of stringing me along. I’m not a gullible teen anymore :-/

      So I’ll try a couple more issues and hope the overall story proceeds.

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  2. Though creator control of their work is a serious topic I couldn’t help laughing, putting Spawn and Cerberus in the same story, not something I’d have thought of. I remember when I first saw Cerberus, I believe right around the time the original black and white Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out. I read a little of it but for whatever reason I latched onto the turtles and skipped Cerberus.

    And Moxie, I haven’t seen that in what feels like ages. It’s not easy to find around here, or at least I don’t recall seeing it anytime recently. Perhaps single cans at World Market long ago. But everytime I’ve been back to New England I’ve always had some. It’s a funny taste, a bit medicinal, but for some strange reason I really enjoy it. Much like Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock soda, which I also enjoy but everyone else I know dislikes. I do try to avoid most sodas these days, though. Just one every so often.

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      1. I certainly liked them at the time, but I was much younger then and sometimes these things don’t age well. After reading Lashaan’s take on one of the more recent TMNT comics I’ve been tempted to pull back out my older Eastman & Laird collection and try them again. No clue if I’ll still enjoy them, but I look forward to finding out one of these day. Regarding Spawn, I have a friend who’s always been a huge fan of it, or at least the action figures of it, but I don’t think I ever purchased any of the comics. I liked the artwork, but when it came out I already had too much I was trying to keep up with comics-wise, and I don’t think it was that long afterwards that I stopped reading comics for probably a decade or more before slowly getting back into them. I no longer subscribe to any, just purchase trade paperback collections of ones I think I’ll enjoy or read from my older collection. Still lots there I never got around to reading.

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  3. Interesting to see him take a stance and expose the whole creator-owned content issue. Some writers/artists still have control over non-canonical DC/Marvel stuff but you can tell the quality can be all over the place and that’s a huge risk for big companies. Thank god there are other publishers that respect creator-owned content and allow us to enjoy those too!

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