Project X – M

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


M&M’s, mmmmmmmmm, so yummy! Chocolate pieces in a hard candy shell, what is there not to like? And the tagline “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”, pure genius! Part of the appeal to me, I’m sure, is that as a diabetic I can’t just eat these whenever I feel like. Neither can I just grab a handful and toss them in my mouth. I have to count them carefully or look at the bag and figure out how many carbohydrates I’m consuming so I can take the appropriate amount of insulin. But there are times it is totally worth it to pour that whole little bag of m&m’s into my mouth and eat the entire thing in one gulp. It is just satisfying!


For all my talk about killing Commies, or cats or old ladies or even anyone who looks at me funny, I have never murdered anyone; God willing, I never will either. The reason I find murder so abhorrent is because it means that murdered person no longer has the chance to repent and accept Jesus as their Savior. Their fate is sealed. It also places an unbearable weight upon the murderer. How can anyone go through the rest of their life knowing they are going to have to face God Himself and answer for someone else’s soul? We live in a world of murder, from the unborn to the disabled to the elderly. God have mercy on on us all!

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode where I’ll have to decide if I’m going to be Naughty or Nice.

77 thoughts on “Project X – M

    1. Are you talking the chocolate smarties that Alex linked to? Or the tablet candies I linked to?

      I’m guessing the chocolate ones, but don’t want to make assumptions because then things get really confusing! 😀

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                    1. Consider yourself exiled to Pluto, Otsy Trotsky.
                      No REAL Bookshevik likes dark chocolate.

                      Great. Now we’re going to have to have a civil war about this. I hope you’re happy….

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                    2. I like white chocolate and you like dark chocolate. I don’t think we can reconcile our differences. Blood must flow, filling the streets!

                      Heck, we’ll fill Pluto up with the blood of heretical Booksheviks.

                      Now, we have to decide how this civil war is going to go. Can’t have it be all disorderly you know.

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                    3. Of course not. I would suggest doing it at Dix’s, but, of course, there’s something of an obstacle to get around there.

                      Y’know what the real shame is? I just discovered your gold. But you know what? I think I’m gonna keep it – for my own war efforts. How’d you like them apples, eh?

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                    4. You thief. I knew I couldn’t trust you. No wonder I forgot where I hid it, it was to protect it from you!

                      Yeah, Dix’s would have made for the perfect battle ground. Our little war would hardly be noticed what with immortal blue bottoms being waved about and feminists blowing up the patriarchy with dynamite.

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              1. Oh, those are good too. We have a lindt store in one of our malls and once a year or so we buy a bag of the truffles (that’s what they call the balls here). I like the white chocolate or the caramel the best.

                What’s your fave?

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      1. Yes, twins, just like Ahnald and Danny Devito. United in opposition to murder and the block editor, which has somehow gotten worse. Combined with bears, knavery, and malarkey, those are the five greatest threats facing America.

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        1. How has the block editor gotten worse? Things not working right? I use as few possible blocks so I won’t be affected when something goes wrong.

          It is in times of crisis like this with block editors murdering knavish bears with malarkey that the world DEMANDS a hero. Someone to step and shoot all the bears and bring back the classic editor, in classy and classic manner.

          You first…..

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          1. Hard to say, specifically. I try to avoid actually having to use it as much as possible. I write everything in Word, then copy and paste it into WordPress and add images and links. But for some reason it seems harder to move around within or between blocks here lately.

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            1. My desire to write has overcome my desire to throttle the creators of the block editor. It’s an evil that I’m used to now and since I do my posts so similarly I’ve got my routine down pat.

              I’m not surprised if things are getting worse though. They took a decided plunge in quality overall when the block editor became the de facto editor. Somebody screwed the pooch and is still trying to call it a good thing 😦


    1. Hahahaa!
      stupid wordpress. I think the problem is because I “copied” the post and used the replace function for the photo and I involved dropbox instead of WP. So things got complicated and I either forgot to update the link or wp screwed me over.

      Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now 😀

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  1. I can see that this comment section has already dealt extensively with the all-important topic of chocolate, so let me add my voice to yours, H.P.’s, and that of Hercule Poirot: “I do not approve of murder.” [said with a Belgian French accent]

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