In Heaven (Spawn #8) ★★★☆☆

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Title: In Heaven
Series: Spawn #8
Author: Todd McFarlane
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comic
Pages: 25
Words: 1K



Billy Kincaid is reborn in Hell. He drops out of a green goo and immediately kills animals to cover his naked body. He is continually and randomly terrorized by flashbacks of Spawn killing him.

He runs into a half-naked woman and small group of individuals. A small girl explains to them about the culture of hell as they are systematically picked off. A Soul-Trapper takes people off to the Sixth Sphere of Hell to sing for them. Others are picked off by the Prime Nomad to serve as hardware in a macro computer on the 10th, and highest sphere of hell.

As Billy sleeps, he’s continually haunted by the vision of Spawn and wakes up. As he looks at the small girl, he decides to kill her to satisfy his itch. The girls sheds her skin and congratulates Billy for finally passing the test.

The Vindicator reveals his true form as one of the five Phlebiac Brothers. He escorts Billy to the Eighth Sphere of Hell where he will serve in Malebolgia’s army. When Billy sees the costume he has to wear resembles Spawn’s, he freaks out and runs away. Vindicator casually explains the suit is a K3-Myrlu suit that is a continually evolving parasite that will combine with his central nervous system for life

My Thoughts:

Things get interesting, finally. Of course, McFarlane also mixes in some serious fan service (the big boobed, taut buttocked blonde chick) so it was a real mixed bag for me.

Following in the tradition of Dante, McFarlane appears to have set up hell with 10 levels and Malebolgia’s is the eighth. Billy the child killer is recruited for his army and gets a spawn uniform. I’ve included a picture because seeing a fat spawn is ludicrous 😀 I put it up on dropbox so if you click it it should open to a full size pix, For those who want to take a close up look at McFarlane’s style.

Getting some world building and knowledge about this particular comic universe was good. I’m annoyed that Billy the Child Killer is used as the fulcrum but at least I have some idea who or what Malebolgia is and a framework of reference. As a reader it is frustrating to have the information doled out like this to me. The comic book format itself makes anything else impossible but it is easy to see why there are omnibus editions and story arcs combined.

With this volume, my interest has been piqued and Spawn’s going to get another month to survive. It makes me feel rather Malebolgian in fact, whaahahahahaaaaha.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

16 thoughts on “In Heaven (Spawn #8) ★★★☆☆

    1. I don’t know if it was remastered or not. I kind of assumed so but hadn’t really thought about it.

      As long as I don’t hate it, i’ll probably keep reading it. Of course, I always have in the back of my mind what i’ll read to replace it when it does fail me.

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