Project X – K

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


I like ketchup on a LOT of things. Hamburgers/vegeburgers (the Impossible Burger is fantastic by the way), hotdogs, crispy chicken tenders, ANY potato product and even on some sandwiches. For a one stop condiment, Ketchup just can’t be beat.


Knaves are the natural predators of Good Men. As such, it is the Duty of every Good Man to hunt down and kill knaves wherever he may find them. Happy Hunting!

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, which is going to be so good that you’ll feel like you’ve won the Lottery after reading it!

80 thoughts on “Project X – K

    1. I believe a condiment is anything you put on something else to give it flavor. That’s my rough working definition anyway.

      I’ve heard of those things. My first reaction is that they make Frankenstein’s monster seem normal. But I haven’t tasted them so maybe I’d love them? I really doubt it though.
      So Abomination Against Nature is going to get my vote.


    1. Neither Mrs B or I can do spicy anything. Even when I buy the chili seasoning packet to make chili in the crockpot I always buy the mild. Same with salsa, etc.

      Mayo and ketchup is good on a burger though.

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      1. The spivey mayo I get is very knock your socks off, my tastebuds are now old enough to appreciate that! Mayo and ketchup, only use that for a Marie-Rose sauce for a prawn cocktail, though it’s better with salad cream in the mix!

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          1. There are many types of salad dressings, Caesar salad dressing is a lush Parmesan cheese based sauce, American ranch dressing, Italian dressing, French dressing, but there is only one salad cream and that is Heinz salad cream, which sounds German but isn’t. It’s British. Our nation has little to be proud of, but this is our saving grace.

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    1. Salad is not nice, but salad cream is very nice? I’m lost. And Fraggle thought Spicey Mayo was yumbacious and you said it’s not nice. That’s like having two different opinions on Tom Hiddleston.

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      1. Sigh. Have you had salad cream before? It’s lovely. Salad isn’t. They’re too completely different things! But you’re right. You can’t have two different opinions on Tom Hiddleston and Spicey Mayo. They are both terrible.

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            1. I don’t think it’s him, I thought the plot and script more the problem. They didn’t do the character justice. But he signed his name to it so has to take a share of the blame. In the end I could listen to him read the phone book, he has the best voice ever.

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          1. I have no idea what’s being said in this thread. This salad cream stuff is definitely not ranch dressing. It looks like Miracle Whip. You put it on sandwiches. Ranch dressing is a creamy salad dressing. You put it on salads or use it as a dip. These are totally different things. What is going on here???

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            1. Nothin like miracle whip. And WTH is miracle whip anyway?? Salad cream is put on salads, and chips (fries) if you’re a yuppie, and is a major contributor to Marie-Rose sauce. You can use it in sandwiches by all means, it is perfect with mashed up hard boiled egg.

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              1. I totally blame Otsy. He turned this into a giant ball of yarn.

                As he points out below, Miracle Whip is mayonnaise. Or, as the joke has it, mayonnaise that’s gone bad. It’s mayo with ZIP! I like it on sandwiches and when making tuna salad. Actually, some people put it in salad too.

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            2. Miracle Whip, a form of mayonnaise, right?

              But yeah, this comment section has gone all over the place with 3+ of us talking over each other 😀

              Isn’t it great!!!!!!!!!


            3. I’ll direct you towards this, Mr Good:

              “While many Brits use salad cream in ways similar to how ranch dressing is used in the States, the flavours are not at all similar.

              The ingredients for salad cream are pretty simple:


              In terms of ingredients, it’s fairly similar to mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, but the consistency is more like ranch dressing – and of course, it has a hint of mustard that gives it a bit of extra colour and flavour. It’s also significantly less sweet than Miracle Whip. There really isn’t a US equivalent I’ve ever encountered.”

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    1. You can eat salad cream with anything you like, kid. But – usually – sandwiches, vegetables and such. I wouldn’t eat it by itself though. That’s like ketchup by itself.

      Here’s a question: brown sauce. Do Canadians have brown sauce? Or is that just a British thing?

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    1. Indeed! I’ve often thought about forming an Anti-Knavery league and doing some serious fund raising so I can spread the word of this insidious threat to our national character.

      Then I realize it’s too late by about 250 years and go drink an energy drink….

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